Answers to Thanaweya Amma Arabic language exam resemble leaks: Exam markers 
Egyptian Thanawya Amma students wait to take final exams

CAIRO: The Education Ministry is investigating a complaint by teachers grading the Arabic language exam papers for high school students, saying that some answers resemble those leaked on social media, Youm7 reported.

Since the start of the Thanaweya Amma (high school diploma) exams on Sunday, questions and model answers to all five exams have leaked on Facebook pages before each exam.

A source at the ministry told Youm7 that in case the teachers’ claims were proved right, the exam could be cancelled per a ministerial decision that allows such action if cheating occurs.

An electronic conflict has been underway between some Facebook pages and the Education Ministry over exam leaks, despite “heightened measures” the ministry has announced to curb the practice.

With the Facebook leaks continuing for the fourth year in a row, the ministry seemed to have failed to stop exam leaks; however, extensive penalties, including prison and fine, were imposed on cheaters and those responsible for exam leaks.

Security bodies have announced arresting a number of students who are believed to have been administering these Facebook pages.

Meanwhile, many students have lamented such leaks and cheating inside examining classrooms, saying that they are the ones who lose out in this battle. They called for nationwide protests on June 13 to demand the dismissal of the Education Minister.

The ministry has announced a plan to change the way the exams are transferred across Egypt as of the next year, in a bid to curb the practice.

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