Update: Egypt’s Local News Digest June 14: Court adjourns trial of 67 defendants accused of killing Egypt’s top prosecutor
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Court adjourns trial of 67 defendants accused of killing Egypt’s top prosecutor

Cairo Criminal Court adjourned to July 13 the trial of 67 defendants accused of killing Attorney General Hisham Barakat. The adjournment came during the first session of the trial on Tuesday. Barakat was killed in a car bomb explosion in June 2015 nearby his house in Cairo’s district of Heliopolis.


Parliament committee grants Sisi temporary power to reshuffle Higher Press Council

The Media ‎and Culture Committee at Egypt’s House of Representatives has endorsed a proposal submitted by 324 MPS which gives President Abdel Fatah al Sisi a temporary right to form and reshuffle the Higher Press Council for one term until the media and press law is passed by the parliament.


Grand Egyptian museum receives 2,500 artifacts from archaeological sites in Mansoura

A set of 2,500 artifacts from the archaeological stores in Egypt’s Delta governorate of Mansoura were transported to the under-construction Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) Tuesday in preparation for restoration and future display, Tarik Tawfik, GEM General Supervisor said in a statement.


Egypt has enough power to meet future needs: Electricity Min.

Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker said in TV statements Monday that the sector has drastically overcome power shortage problems, managed to reach sufficiency of production to meet future needs and is currently seeking to meet international production reserve that reaches 25 percent of capacity.  Shaker also noted that the sector has achieved “enormous leap” in power production, thanks to the maintenance efforts of the plants, gas availability and construction of new stations, adding that the sector has not reduced loads on electricity grid since June 2015.


Trial kicks off Tuesday in Top prosecutor’s assassination case

A year has passed since a car bomb attack has targeted the Public prosecutor Hisham Barakat’s convoy, causing his death and a number of civilians injured. Tuesday, 67 defendants; 16 of them are absentee, will be standing the first court hearing in the case as they face charges of: joining terrorist groups inside and outside the country, spying for Palestinian Movement Hamas, premeditated murder and weapon possession.


Cairo sees high temperature of 41 °C Tuesday

Forecasters expected a hot weather to be witnessed across the country Tuesday, where Cairo temperature reaches highs of 41°C and lows of 25°C; Alexandria sees highs of 38°C and lows of 24°C, while in Upper Egypt, day temperature in Aswan and Luxor cities expected to hit 46°C and 45°C respectively.


54 unregistered migrants, ahead to Italy, arrested in Delta

Burullus coast guards in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate thwarted an attempt of illegal immigration by 54 people of different nationalities, as they were planning to sail to Italy via the Mediterranean. The arrested include 30 Syrians, 20 Sudanese and four Egyptians.


New-look expected for Egyptians’ national ID card

A source at the Interior Ministry stated that the national ID card is expected to be issued in colors as part of developments carried out to the civil affairs sector. The poor quality of the black and white ID photo has been a matter of complain among Egyptians. Egyptians aged 16 or older are obliged to carry national IDS at all times. The parliament has approved a request the ministry to raise the issuance fees of the ID.


Hep C patients’ waiting lists will end by August: Health Minister

Health Minister Ahmed Emad el-Din said that there will be no waiting lists of patients with Hepatitis C virus as of August 2016. El-Din made the statements during an inspection tour at the Hep C treatment center in Luxor. Egypt has announced significant success using locally-manufactured Hep C medications to treat patients at low cost.


5 family members drowned after car accident in Delta

A father, mother and three children reportedly drowned after their car fell down into Kushner Nile bank in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate, Delta. Rescue teams are working in full swing to recover the dead bodies out of the water.


Armed forces arrest 50 gold prospectors in Red Sea

A total of 50 gold unauthorized prospectors and 30 unlicensed cars were arrested in military raids on mountainous valleys in Red Sea and Upper Egypt’s Aswan; the arrested were referred to military prosecution.


Fennec fox, found in Alexandria, released into Matrouh reserve

The Ministry of Environment has released a fennec fox into El-Ameed reserve in the Mediterranean governorate of Marsa Matrouh. The endangered small nocturnal fox was found in King Mariout district, Alexandria.

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