Egypt’s Local News Digest June 14: 348 scenes of smoking, drug abuse spotted in Ramadan drama
A screenshot of Ramadan Egyptian TV series "El-Keif" starred by Bassem Samra and Ahmed Rizq.

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348 scenes of smoking, drug abuse in Ramadan drama: Anti-addiction fund

A screenshot of Ramadan Egyptian TV series "El-Keif" starred by Bassem Samra and Ahmed Rizq.

A screenshot of Ramadan Egyptian TV series “El-Keif” starred by Bassem Samra and Ahmed Rizq.


A recent report by the anti-addiction fund stated that a total of 348 scenes of smoking and drug abuse, with a total of 10 hours, were spotted in TV series broadcast during the first five days of the holy month of Ramadan. Accordingly, the fund has blacklisted a number of series, adding that drama-makers should evaluate the content they present to viewers, including teenagers and children, to contribute in public awareness against the practice.


Hot weather relents in Egypt; Cairo sees 36°C

After a scorching hot weather that hit the country Tuesday raising the temperature to 41 degrees Celsius, forecasters expected a five-degree decline in temperature Wednesday, where Cairo sees highs of 36 °C.


Trial of man stood naked on balcony during Ramadan begins Wednesday

A Cairo misdemeanor court is set to consider Wednesday the first trial session of a man who is accused of standing naked on his balcony during the holy month of Ramadan; his neighbors reported him and prosecution charged him with “debauchery.” Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic Calendar when the Muslim worldwide fast.


Development of 1,082 railroad crossings in Egypt ends 2017: ENR 

The development of a total of 1,082 railroad crossings across the country will be completed by 2017, according to the head of the Egyptian National Railway’s (ENR) Medhat Shosha. A total of 760 train accidents occurred in Egypt during the past three years, with officials attributing the crashes mainly to improper structure of the outdated railroad crossings and lack of maintenance.

Dozens of informal crossings were closed last year as they imposed risk to people’s lives; however some citizens keep reopening them. The Transport Ministry’s renewal plan includes the implementation of maintenance and conversion of informal crossings into electronic ones.


25 extremists killed in security air raid in North Sinai

North Sinai forces killed 25 extremist elements, allegedly affiliated with Sinai Province militant group, and injured six others in air raid on militant groups that were spotted in Sheikh Zuwayed city early Wednesday. Meanwhile, forces arrested six suspects and detonated five explosive devices as part of military operations in the northern tip of the peninsula.


Shipmaster to be jailed for “disturbing” dolphins in Hurghada

A misdemeanor court in Red Sea resort of Hurghada upheld Tuesday a six-month prison sentence and a fine against a ship captain over charges of violating natural reserves and disturbing dolphins, which would prompt them to leave the area where its babies live.


70% of the 1.5 million feddan project “strategic crops”

Eid Hawas, the spokesperson for the Agricultural Ministry, said in TV statements Tuesday that the ministry is carrying out many major projects that are meant to fill the food gap, on the top is the 1.5 million feddan national project.

Hawas added that 70 percent of the crops to be planted in the project are “strategic.”

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