Egypt’s local digest June 21: Egypt treats horse with cancer using Gold nanoparticles for the 1st time
A picture of a horse cured from cancer using gold nanoparticles for the first time in Egypt. Photo by Youm7.

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For 1st time…Egypt treats horse with cancer using Gold nanoparticles

Egypt has treated a horse with cancer for the first time using Gold nanoparticles, Youm7 quoted Ahmed Abdoun, the head of the Egyptian team experimenting Gold nanoparticles as a cancer therapy.

Dr. Abdoun, who is also a professor at the National Center for Research, said that his team has been conducting experiments for the last eight years on cats and dogs to understand the effect of gold in treating cancer.

He said that the treated horse has not witnessed any negative side effects, and that the team is going to embark on treating a new case of a horse with cancer within days.


High school exam leaks continue on social media

The high school exam of Statistics was reportedly leaked Tuesday by the “Revolution of Corrupted Education” Facebook page minutes after the text began.

A number of students have been arrested over the past weeks for allegedly being administrators of different Facebook pages that have leaked high school exams with model answers.

Amid a wave of leaks, the Education Ministry has postponed the Religion exam until the end of June, while the English exam questions were changed. Meanwhile, many students have lamented they are “wronged” amid this wave of leaks, and lack of equal opportunities between students citing “collective cheating” at exam rooms.


Fire erupts at natural gas booth in El-Mahala

A fire erupted at a natural gas booth that has the main valves feeding El-Mostashar St. in El-Mahala, a large industrial and agricultural city located in Egypt’s Delta. A video of firefighters trying to put out the blaze was posted by Mahala News Network Facebook page. Youm7 newspaper quoted some eyewitnesses as saying that the fire broke out as a result of burning a piles of garbage near the booth.


Hot weather continues Tuesday; Cairo sees highs of 38°C

Meteorological experts have expected that a hot weather that has been witnessed Monday will continue on Tuesday, with Cairo’s temperature stable at 38 °C.

Different parts of Egypt will also witness the heat wave variably; Red Sea resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh will see highs of 43 °C and 42 °C respectively, while the temperature expected to rise in Upper Egypt’s tourist cities of Aswan and Luxor to record 44 °C and 43 °C during the day.


12 Sudanese arrested in Sinai before reaching Israel

Security bodies in North Sinai have begun investigations with 12 Sudanese “infiltrators” who were arrested in Rafah border area while trying to illegally reach to Israel.

Youm7 quoted a security source as saying that the arrested Sudanese nationals said that they reached the area with the help of an immigrant smuggling gang, and that they were trying to reach Israel in search for work and to escape their bad living conditions in Sudan.


Court resumes trial of 9 policemen for assaulting Matariya doctors

Matariya misdemeanor court will consider Tuesday the third hearing in the trial of nine low-ranking policemen who are accused of physically assaulting doctors at Matariya teaching hospital in Cairo.

The incident took place in January when the policemen went to the hospital to issue a fake medical report, but after the doctors rejected it, an altercation ensued and the policeman attacked two doctors. The attack was followed by large protests organized by the Medical Syndicate, which called for the dismissal of the health minister, and the issuance of legislation to criminalize attacks on medical facilities.

The trial began May 24, but the policemen reportedly did not attend the previous sessions.

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