Egypt’s top politics news June 24: Parliament to study conditions of refugees in Egypt
The Egyptian parliament. Youm7 archive.

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Fair distribution of Nile water will resolve conflicts: S. Sudan amb.

Fair distribution of Nile water according to their needs and conservative consumption of it will end conflicts on the resource, ambassador of South Sudan to Cairo Anthony Kon told Youm7 Thursday.

Immigration Min. studies case of 5,167 Egyptian families ordered deported form Saudi

Immigration Minister Nabila Makram is coordinating with Saudi Arabia to resolve the crisis of 5,167 Egyptian families who were ordered deported from the kingdom and banned from reentering the country for violating residency laws, Youm7 reported.

Parliament embarks on study on population, refugees

The parliamentary National Security Committee has embarked on a study on the population of Egypt including expats and refugees, MP Yehia Kedwany told Youm7, adding that Syrian refugees “have proven that those who seek a living find it.”

Parliament’s 25-30 to reject civil service law again if exceptions not revoked

Parliamentary coalition 25-30 will reject the civil service law once again if amendments did not cancel exceptions to certain segments of workers, MP Mohamed Abdel Ghany told Youm7.

Mistral-class helicopter carries aimed to secure maritime borders: navy commander

Navy Commander Osama Rabie said in a press conference Thursday after the Mistral-class helicopter carrier Gamal Abdel Nasser arrived in Alexandria that Egypt does not aim at alliances with other countries with the new military pieces, but rather to secure the Egyptian maritime borders economically and internationally.

Meanwhile, former head of the Armed Forces Moral Affairs Samir Farag told al-Nahar channel Thursday that the ship is ready for any combat missions, and Egypt will receive a state-of-the-art submarine from Germany next year, hence 2016 and 2017 are important years for the Egyptian navy.

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