Egypt’s Local News Digest June 27: Thanawyia Amma students protest against Minister over cancelling  Dynamics exam
Group of students revise their lessons before their final exam - YOUM7 ( Archive )

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Thanawyia Amma students protest against Minister over cancelling  Dynamics exam

Students of Thanawyia Amma ( high school diploma) announced that will stage a demonstration Monday outside the headquarters of Cairo-based Ministry of Education over cancelling Dynamics exam which has been leaked shortly after the official start of it.

 Meanwhile other groups of students in five governorates staged a number of protests against Minister of Education al Helali al Sherbini over cancelling Dynamics exam.

They called for his removal, accusing of failure, Youm7 reported  Sunday. Some of the students have been arrested during the protests in Delta’s Gharbia governorate, but few hours later, they have been released.


State’s National Security probes into Thanawyia Amma exam leak

Egypt’s State Security Prosecution has received files of leaking Thanawyia Amma exams to re- investigate with officials accused of leaking them shortly before the students start their exams. The general prosecution has referred the case to the State National

Security as the case related with the state’s security.


 Military Engineering Authroity completes 1st district of New Ismailia City

Egyptian Military Engineering Authority (MEA) has completed the construction of  first district  in the New Ismailia City, eastern of Suez Canal, Youm7 reported. The district locates on 2,828 acres and included 244 housing units. The city will includes utilities and infrastructure for the people with special needs.


Sisi tackles scientific research strategy with Minister of Higher Education

President Abdel Fatah al-SIsi has met with the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research to review the Egyptian national strategy for science, technology, and innovation until 2030, said Presidential Spokesperson Alaa Youssef in  a statement.   The government had allocated 80 million EGP for the first phase of this strategy which aims to link the scientific research with the industry in the society, he added.


11 injured in road accident in Upper Egypt’s Beni Suef  

11 people were injured after a passenger bus overturned Sunday evening along Eastern Desert Road in Upper Egypt’s Beni Suef. Thousands of Egyptians die on the road every year due to traffic accidents. Egypt recorded 14,548 traffic accidents in 2015, a one percent increase compared to 2014, according to a statement by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS.)

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