UPDATE: Egypt’s political digest July 4: Egypt condemns ‘terrorist attack’ at U.S. consulate in Jeddah; man stripped naked Coptic woman released
Coptic women who was assaulted, stripped naked in Minya in May 2016, meet with Coptic Bishop Marcus.

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Egypt condemns ‘terrorist attack’ at U.S. consulate in Jeddah

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned a terrorist attack that took place around the U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The attack resulted in two members of security personnel injured.


Court releases on bail man stripped naked Coptic elderly woman

Minya Misdemeanour Court has ruled to release on bail a man who is accused of setting fire to a number of houses owned by Coptic citizens, attacking an elderly woman and stripping her naked in the street in Upper Egypt’s Minya governorate. The man, who is accused of the said incidents that took place in May, has reportedly appealed his detention and was bailed 10,000 EGP.

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has made firm statements then saying “there is no discrimination among Egyptians and the law is applicable to all (people responsbile for the incident,) which he described as representing “deep shame” in Egypt.

On May 20, a group of 300 armed Muslims arrived at Coptic Ashraf Abdo Atiya’s house and set fire to eight houses and dragged Atia’s mother outside, beat her and stripped her naked in the street when they did not find Atiya in his home, said Coptic Bishop Marcus in a statement May 26.

The attack happened after a divorced Muslim man incited violence against Atiya and his family, claiming that Atiya is in a relationship with his Muslim ex-wife in the al-Karam village of Minya. Since then, 16 out of 23 suspects have been arrested.


Egypt’s grand Mufti mourns victims of bus crash in Saudi Arabia

Egypt’s Grand Mufti has expressed grief over the death of a number of pilgrims in a bus crash in Saudi Arabia Monday. The bus was carrying pilgrims from Mecca to Riyadh city. The victims reportedly included Egyptians.


Court to consider lifting ex-Mubarak’s PM name off watchlist 

A Cairo court is scheduled to consider July 10 a request by ex-Mubarak’s Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq to lift his name off airport’s watch list. Shaft, former Presidential candidate in 2012 elections, has left Egypt to United Arab Emirates after he lost to the Islamist candidate Mohamed Morsi during the run-off round.


MP calls for studying cancelation of death penalty, reduce remand period in Egypt 

Member of Parliament Badawy Abdel el-Latif said he hopes the death penalty will be cancelled in Egypt similar to the European Union states. He told Youm7 that the death penalty could be abolished and be applied only in exceptional cases like killing by poison and national security-related cases.


36 ‘terrorists’ arrested in police raid in 4 governorates

National Security department has arrested 36 members of a terrorist group called  “armed movement committees” in a raid at a number of hotbeds in four governorates; Beheira, Gharbia, Sharqia and Asyut, where a large number of ammunition and weapons were seized, reported Youm7.


Egypt’s official rights body notes torture, violations

(AP)- Egypt’s government-sanctioned human rights body said Sunday that it has received reports of torture and forced disappearances, reflecting the findings of local and international human rights groups.

In an assessment far less critical than that of more independent organizations, the head of the National Council for Human Rights, Mohammed Fayek, said his group has also received complaints about poor conditions in prisons.

“We’ve received many complaints about law enforcement concerning torture and (inmates’) poor living conditions. And of course, law enforcement officials have denied such allegations,” he said.


Egypt thwarts illegal migration by 21 Somalis

Egypt’s coastal guards have thwarted an attempt of illegal migration by a total of 21 Somali immigrants along shores of Mediterranean city of Al-Burullus in Nile Delta’s Kafr al-Sheikh governorate, Youm7 reported Sunday evening. The unregistered immigrants were on their way to Italy via the Mediterranean; they now are being investigated by the concerned bodies.

Egypt’s northern coast has been the departure point in a number of migration attempts by hundreds of asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa, particularly from Egypt Syria, Iraq and Libya, via the Mediterranean Sea to Italy or Greece as gates for other European countries.


Parliamentarians of Human Rights Committee to visit political detainees

Human Rights Committee of the Egyptian House of Representatives announced Sunday that the committee members will pay a visit to state’s prisons to write a report about the political detainees, after Eid al-Fitr celebration, Committee member Atef Mekhalif told Youm7.


Arab affairs committee members of Egypt’s Parliament to meet with Aboul Gheit soon

Arab Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives Chairperson Saad al-Gammal announced Sunday that the committee members will meet with the newly appointed Secretary General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit soon, to discuss a number of Middle East issues, particularly political and security turmoil-stricken countries.

Gheit officially took up Sunday post of the Arab League Secretary-General to be a successor to Nabil al-Arabi. The diplomat has made several strong anti-Iran statements, and emphasized the importance of keeping the Syrian army intact, regardless of the fate of President Bashar al-Assad.


Parliament’s fact-finding on corruption of wheat supply says 50 mln EGP stolen in one silo

Egypt’s Parliamentarian the fact-finding committee, tasked to investigate into the corruption of the wheat supply, filed a complaint before the General Prosecution over stealing 50 million EGP due to corruption of wheat procurement in only one silo the committee members visited, an anonymous official told Youm7 Sunday. There are allegations of wasting 240 million EGP (about $27 million) of wheat procurement from the silos.

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