Egypt’s political digest July 7: Egypt on Italy’s halt of military supplies: decision would affect bilateral cooperation on illegal immigration, Libya
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Egypt says Italy’s halt of supplies would affect cooperation on illegal immigration

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed regret over the Italian Senate’s decision to halt supplies to Egypt of spare parts for F16 warplanes in protest against the killing of Italian student Guilio Regeni earlier this year.

In a Wednesday statement, the ministry said that decision is not consistent with the size and level of cooperation between investigating efforts by both countries into the student’s incident, as well as the common counter-terrorism plans.

Egypt-Italy relations have strained over the Italian student’s murder, as the Italian side complained that Egyptian authorities have not cooperated well to disclose the perpetrators.

Egypt has provided Italy with hundreds of papers related to investigations into the killing; however, Italian authorities have not responded to the killing of two Egyptian nationals in Italy, read the statement.

The statement further said that the Italian move to halt supplies to Egypt will draw a negative impact on the bilateral cooperation and will require new measures that would affect both countries’ cooperation in combating illegal immigration and on the situation in Libya, in which Italy has been obtaining Egypt’s support.


Lawyer of Minya Copts: pressures by MPs to accept reconciliation over elderly woman’s assault

The head of defense coalition for El-Karam Village Copts in Minya, Ehab Ramzy told Youm7 that the lawyers of residents whose houses were burnt are facing pressures by parliamentarians to accept reconciliation and close the case of assaulting, stripping naked an elderly woman for ever.

Ramzy said that he was surprised by the prosecution’s decision to release the main accused on bail; however he incited the incident by spreading rumors that his ex-wife was having affair with a Coptic man. The incident led to mob attack by hundreds of Muslims who set fire to some Copts’ houses.


Tawfiq Okasha investigated over accusations of kidnapping his son

Mansoura Prosecution begins investigations with expelled parliamentarian Tawfiq Okasha after his ex-wife Reda el-Kerdawy accused him of kidnapping their 10-yr old son “Youssef.”

Kerdawy said that Okasha claimed he wants to see his son, escorted him to the car and took him. Kerdawy said that when her brother tried to stop him, Okasha threatened him with a gun.

Kerdawy is also reportedly in police custody as Okasha accused her of assaulting him and damaging his car.


Parliament calls on press to evaluate, verify social media news before publishing

The Communications committee at the parliament called on for obliging press to evaluate and verify accuracy of news circulated on social media before publishing them amid wave of “misleading news promoted by terrorist groups,” Undersecretary of the committee Ahmed Refaat told Youm7.


Tallawy: training programs for women on managing electoral campaigns

Mervet el-Talawy, director general of the Arab Woman Organization, stated that the organization is keen on economic empowerment for women, and is currently coordinating with successful Arab women entrepreneurs to present their projects. She also said that there will be training programs for women about managing electoral campaigns in localities elections.

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