Egypt’s social digest July 11: 7K divorce settlements filed over ‘excessive use’ of social media, technology; Husband claims divorcing his wife by blocking her on Facebook
Candy Crush game. Photo by Reuters.

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7K divorce settlements filed over ‘excessive use’ of social media, technology

A recent statistics by disputes settlement offices at Family courts revealed that a total of 7,000 requests for divorce settlement agreement have been submitted by wives this year because of their husbands’ “excessive use” of Facebook, whatsapp and “Candy Crush,” according to Youm7.

The lawsuits complained of “loss of communication between couples,” and “lack of attention to home and children needs and care.”

On the other hand, men have raised 2,100 lawsuits against their wives over being “highly attached to computers as spending long time in front of the PC screens and mobile phones up to 14 hours a day,” Youm7 quoted the lawsuits.

Last year, a total of 3,500 divorce lawsuits were filed over the negative effects of modern technology on marital life.


Husband claims divorcing his wife by blocking her on Facebook

Raneen, 28yrs, filed a lawsuit against her husband demanding to be divorced “properly” as her husband claimed they parted when blocked her on Facebook.

Marital disputes have forced Raneen to leave the house to find a message on Facebook by her husband telling her to return and apologize or else she will be divorced, and then blocked her out of his Facebook friends.

Asking him for an official paper to demonstrate the divorce, Raneen’s husband accused her of “ignorance” about technology claiming that they are already divorced when he blocked her on social media, and that’s the language of the age.


42K Egyptians, 3K foreigners visited Giza Pyramids during Eid-el-Fitr

Egyptologist Ashraf Mohey, the head of Giza Pyramids district, told Youm7 the archeological attraction has witnessed a huge turnout during the three-day of Eid el-Fitr (Breaking the Fast feast) reaching around 42,000 Egyptians and 3,000 foreigners.

He also said that The Saladin Citadel of Cairo has seen 21,000 Egyptian and 3,000 foreign visitors during Eid vacation.


Fin whale is peaceful, toothless and young: official

Environment Minister Advisor Mahmoud Hanafy told Youm7 that the fin whale that appeared in Marina town, North Coast is “young, peaceful and toothless,” and is located in western Mediterranean off the Italian and French beaches.

Footage of the 10-meters in length fin whale swimming in Marina has been circulated by beachgoers on social media, with officials warning citizens against harming it. The fin whale has not been registered before in Egypt.

A research team at the Marine Sciences Institute has started an urgent study about the fin whale that has recently appeared in Marina town, North coast to determine the reasons for its appearance in this area; the study will be then submitted to Higher Education Minister Ashraf el-Shehy.


July 16: Magnolia Leaves of Art screens “Where Do We Go Now?”

Magnolia Leaves of Art cultural center in Zamalek district will screen the Lebanese movie (2011) “Where Do We Go Now?” on July 16 at 7 p.m., according to De Cairo website.

The movie is directed by Nadine Labaki; the venue is located at 12 Mohamed Anis st., off Mohamed Mazhar st., Zamalek Cairo, Egypt. The screening duration is one hour and half with subtitles in English and entry fees of 20 EGP ($2.25.)


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