Egypt to buy 180,000 tons of Russian and Romanian wheat

The General Authority for Supply Commodities will buy 180,000 tons of Russian and Romanian wheat through yesterday’s global tender, according to MENA.

The supply will happen on October 21 and it will continue for 10 days. It includes the purchase of 120,000 tons of Russian wheat at $251.80 per ton, with freight valued at $11.92 per ton. 60,000 tons of Romanian wheat will be purchased at $252 per ton with a freight value of $11.75 per ton.

Maj. Gen.Mohammed Abu Shady, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, said the ministry imports wheat from several countries, not just one. “We import from America, Russia, Romania, Canada, France, and Argentina. We choose the tender that offers the best quality and is least expensive,” he said.

“No imported wheat inters the country unless it has been examined at the port of shipping by international auditing firms, as they are checked through technical committees in Egyptian ports,” he added.

Translated from Youm7.

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