Egypt’s Social, Culture digest July 20: Egypt’s archeological sites to be recorded on satellite maps; leather tannery zone in Old Cairo to re-settled into Al-Robeiki City
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Egypt’s archaeological sites to be recorded on satellite maps

The standing committee of Antiquities issued a decision to document all fixed archaeological sites across the country on satellite maps in coordination with the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, as well as the National Institute for Astronomy and Geophysical Research, according to Youm7.


Environment Minister warns against fishing sharks

Minister of Environment Khaled Fahmy has warned citizens and fishermen against fishing shark fish after a number of footage and pictures circulated on social media for people fishing this kind of fish.

Fahmy said that the law imposes strict punishment for such acts as the fishing of such kind of fish is prohibited; he added that fishing sharks will not reduce its number in the sea, on the contrary, as the blood of the killed shark will attract more sharks to the area.


Leather tanneries in Old Cairo to re-settled into Al-Robeiki City

A committee of the Ministries of commerce and local development has been formed to begin resettling owners of leather tanneries at Al O’yoon Aqueduct Bridge in Old Cairo into Al-Robeiki City, which extends from Cairo-Ismailia desert road to Cairo-Suez desert Road.


Want to learn Arabic Calligraphy? Check this event.

A month-long class to teach Arabic calligraphy writing will kick off Wednesday at Art Café in Cairo, according to De Cairo website.

The maximum number of participants for each class is 6, and the class will run each time from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The classes are designed for adults, teens and beginners.

The total cost of the four classes is 580 EGP ($65.)

Missed the first class? Check with the organizers on how to catch up with the workshop.


Miss Italy visits Giza Pyramids

Beauty queen Alice Sabatani who was crowned Miss Italy visited Tuesday the Giza Pyramids district as part of a tourist tour in the country, reported Youm7.

Sabatani is not the first beauty queen to visit the archaeological site as around 100 beauty queens from 60 countries have visited the Pyramids over the past years.

Ex-beauty queen of Morocco Fatima Fayez has visited the pyramids in May.


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