Egypt’s local news digest July 23: Court releases 16 defendants implicated in sectarian violence incidents
FILE - In this Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015 file photo, Coptic Christians walk outside St. Markos Church in Minya, south of Cairo, Egypt. A Muslim mob ransacked and torched seven Christian homes in a province south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, after rumors spread that a Christian man had an affair with a Muslim woman, according to a statement by the local Orthodox Coptic church.

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Court releases 16 defendants implicated in sectarian violence incidents

A court in Upper Egypt’s governorate of Minya released 16 people pending trial on charges of the sectarian violence incidents erupted earlier this week, Youm7 reported, citing an Interior Ministry statement on Friday.

The decision came after reconciliation between the defendants and Christian residents of Minya’s village of Abu Yacoub whose houses were set on fire by the defendants on Sunday following a rumor of turning a nursery into a church.

Several sectarian violence-triggered incidents have occurred in Minya during the past few months.

On Monday, a Muslim mob in southern Egypt stabbed a Coptic Christian to death over a personal feud, officials told state news agency MENA.

In May, Christian houses were set ablaze and a woman was paraded naked through the streets following rumors of an affair between the son of the elderly woman and a Muslim woman.


Solar Impulse 2 might depart Cairo Sunday 01:00 a.m. CLT

The Solar Impulse II, an experimental solar-powered aircraft, will most likely depart Cairo International Airport en route to Abu Dhabi at 01:00 a.m. Sunday morning Cairo local time, according to the plane’s website.

“After experiencing the most humanly challenging flight last year with André’s 5 day and night flight, this leg will definitely be the most technically challenging on this round-the-world mission,” according to the Si2 website.

The Cairo-Abu Dhabi leg was postponed last Saturday due to pilot Bertrand Piccard’s sickness and worsening conditions in Cairo, as winds were too strong for the solar-powered airplane to be taken out of its tent.


Police subdue sectarian clashes in Egypt’s Beni Suef: governor

Governor of Upper Egypt’s Beni Suef said security status in the village of Saft al Kharsa has “settled down” following the sectarian violence incidents erupted between Muslim and Christian residents Friday afternoon, Youm7 reported.

Following the Friday prayer, dozens of Muslims and Copts at the Saft al Kharsa village clashed and hurled stones over each others after acting upon a rumor that a Christian intended to dedicate the second floor of his under-construction house into a church.

“Calm prevails now” after security forces reinforced their presence at the village following the incidents which resulted in no casualties, Beni Suef governor Sherif Habib was quoted by Youm7.


Mad dog causes panic at Cairo airport VIP lounge

A mad stray dog has caused panic at Cairo International Airport on Friday after he was seen wandering and barking at passengers at the airport’s VIP lounge, Youm7 reported.

The airport staff at terminal 1 was seen chasing the dog and hurling stones at him trying to drive him outside, source at the airport told Youm7. However, It is not known how the dog had an access to the airport.


Army posts Videos celebrating the 64th anniversary of 23 July Revolution

The Egyptian Armed Forces posted videos on its Facebook page celebrating the 64th anniversary of the July 23 Revolution that ended the monarchy and the declaration of Egypt as a republic.

One of the videos shows King Farouk hours before he was forced to leave the country. It also features a statement by President Gamal Abdel Nasser that was aired in the morning of 23 July, 1952 declaring the revolution.

On July 23, 1952 a group of Egyptian army officers; “Free Officers Movement” have managed to terminate the 150 year-rule of Mohamed Ali Dynasty and forced his descendant King Farouk to abdicate the throne and leave the country. Later on, the group declared the Arab Republic of Egypt and its most prominent member; Gamal Abdel Naser, became Egypt’s first president in 1954.

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