Egypt’s Press Review July 24: EGP drops against USD; Ethiopia bans Egyptian medicine exports worth $75 million
Press Review


Youm7 front page, 24 July 2016

Youm7 front page, 24 July 2016


* EGP exchange rate reached 12.30 against USD at black markets

* Harsh procedures to save the EGP

* Samira Abdel Maguid donates her assets to “Long Live Egypt” Fund

* Church rejects Copts of Diaspora call for protest

* Salafi Nour Party honors Nader Bakar, ignores his meeting with Israeli foreign Minister




* Parliament finalizes Civil Servant Law by end of the week, to be adopted by August

* New MP Amr el-Shobky: Parliament did not contact me to swear in

* Ethiopia bans Egyptian medicine exports worth $75 million

*Ahmed Mortada Mansour demand conducting another ballot count after his parliament membership abolished per a court ruling and was replaced by Amr el-Shobky



* Two conscripts injured hospitalized; unknown armed men shoot at ambulance car

* Security forces launch man hunt after takfiris who attempted to attack an ambush in South Rafah

* Three injured after a car flipped over on Farafra-Baharia Oasis Road

* Pharmacist busted at Cairo Airport over exceeding cash limit, as he possessed 95,000 EGP

* Results of Thanaweya Amma exams are ready and will be adopted within 48 hours




Documentary film on July 23 Revolution 



What you do not know about Pokemon Go?



Al-Ahram front page, 24 July 2016

Al-Ahram front page, 24 July 2016

* Citizens visit late President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s grave on occasion of July 23 Revolution

* FM Sameh Shoukry: Arab crises are caused by “militias world for regional forces’ interests”

* European fears of Brotherhood infiltration into NATO

* Substantial amendments in the Auctions and Tenders Law

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