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Egypt’s Abu Treika named best Africa-based player of 2013 - YOUM7

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Lawsuit authority appeals court decision annulling seizure of legendary footballer’s assets

The State Lawsuit Authority appealed on Sunday against the administrative court’s earlier judicial ruling that annulled a decision by a government committee to seize the assets of Al Ahly legendary footballer Mohamed Abou-Treika, Youm7 reported.

On June, 21, the Administrative Court overturned a decision by a government committee, tasked with confiscating the Muslim Brotherhood funds and properties, has confiscated the assets of Ashab Tours, a tourism company co-founded by the footballer, over suspected affiliation with the outlawed group.

The committee stated that the company’s funds were used to finance “terrorist attacks.”


Solar Impulse departs Cairo en route to Abu Dhabi

The Solar Impulse II, an experimental solar-powered aircraft, departed Cairo International Airport Sunday morning en route to Abu Dhabi, according to the plane’s website.

The Cairo-Abu Dhabi leg was postponed last Saturday due to pilot Bertrand Piccard’s sickness and worsening conditions in Cairo

“After experiencing the most humanly challenging flight last year with André’s 5 day and night flight, this leg will definitely be the most technically challenging on this round-the-world mission,” according to the Si2 website.

Solar Impulse 2 arrived in Cairo last week after a two-day flight from Spain, finishing the 3,745 kilometer journey with an average speed of 76.7 kilometers an hour.


Education minister approves Thanaweya Amma exam results

Education Minister Hilali al Sherbiniy on Sunday approved the results of final year exams for secondary students (Thanaweya Amma,) at a success rate of 75.7 percent compared to 79.4 percent last year.

In a press conference on Sunday, Sherbiny said that during this year’s exams, the ministry has monitored 4149 violations, out of which 105 were referred to prosecution.

“The ministry voided 871 exam papers for one of the subjects due to cheating, while 650 other cases were cancelled for cheating,” said Sherbiny.

The minister has personally congratulated the top ten students through the phone. Around 600,000 students sat for the exams this year.


Egypt’s navy rescues 14 people aboard sinking yacht off Red Sea’s Hurghada

Egypt’s naval forces rescued 14 Egyptian holidaymakers aboard a sunken yacht off the Red Sea coast near Hurghada, Youm7 reported Sunday.

The Red Sea naval bases received a distress signal from the yacht, named ‘Alyaa,’ and immediately ordered to dispatch a rescue unit.

All passengers and cre members were provided with first aid, while the drowned yacht was pulled out of the waters for repair.


20 Egyptians deported from Saudi Arabia for violating visa, residency law

Twenty Egyptians arrived at Cairo International Airport on Sunday after being deported by the Saudi authorities for violating residence and work permits, an airport source told Youm7.

The deportees, who were arrested on Wednesday by Saudi authorities, arrived in the Cairo International Airport aboard a Saudi airline flight from Jeddah. Upon arrival, authorities at Cairo airport checked the crime record of the deportees before they were released.

The Saudi sponsorship system entitles business owners to hold the passports of foreign workers as long as they work for them.

According to a report issued by the Saudi Labor Department in 2014, the number of Egyptians working in the Kingdom was estimated at 968,000 at the end of 2013, representing about 40 percent of the total Arab expatriate workforce in Saudi Arabia.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly warned citizens not to overstay their visas in Saudi Arabia or return to the kingdom illegally after deportation.


Cairo sees hot weather of 37°C Sunday

Forecasters expected a hot and humid weather to prevail Sunday in Cairo and Lower Egypt, where the capital will see highs of 37°C and lows of 25°C.

The temperature will be typically higher in southern Upper Egypt, especially during the day. Luxor and Aswan will see highs of 40°C and 41°C respectively on Sunday.


Traffic department spots 2,098 speeding violations

The General Traffic Department has launched several campaigns to adjust street discipline and maintain implementation of traffic regulation. The campaign has resulted in 2,098 violations of speeding spotted by radars on highways, Youm7 reported. All violators were subjected to necessary legal actions.


Environment Ministry tries to avoid ‘black clouds’ with new measures

As rice harvest season is approaching, the Ministry of Environment has taken some measures to combat the annual phenomenon of “Black Clouds” that results of the burning of the extra rice straw.

An official at the ministry, Gamal el-Saeedy told Youm7 that the ministry has added 75 pressers and 100 grinders and initially increasing the number of locations where the straw is collected to 350 locations across governorates.


No Egyptians among Munich attack victims: Ambassador to Germany

Egyptian Ambassador to Germany, Badr Abdel Atty said there are no Egyptians among victims of Munich attack that took place on Friday.


Cooperation protocol to be signed to train junior doctors

A cooperation protocol is expected to be signed between the Ministry of Health and the Spanish educational institute IMO in order to train junior doctors in the field of ophthalmology. The protocol aims to improve the quality of medical services provided for Egyptian patients.

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