BREAKING: EX-head of Central Auditing Organization sentenced to 1 year in jail over ‘broadcasting false news’
Hesham Genenah, former head of CAO - YOUM7

CAIRO: Former Chairperson of the Central Auditing Organization (CAO) Hesham Geneina was sentenced to one year in prison Thursday over charges of “broadcasting false news on corruption of state’s institutions,” Youm7 reported.

Cairo Misdemeanor Court also fined him 20,000 EGP ($2,250); however, he could be released on a bial of 10,000 EGP ($1,125).

Genena told some media outlets in December 2015 that corruption in 2015 amounted to 600 billion EGP ($75 billion.) President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has ordered to form a fact-finding committee to investigate Genena’s remarks.

The Committee issued Jan. 12 its report on Genena’s remarks, debunking his claims on corruption. Youm7 newspaper published  a summary of the committee’s report, noting that Genena’s account of corruption includes incidents years before 2015.


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