Update – Egypt’s politics digest July 31: 4 parties recommend Turkish charge d’affaires in Cairo be expelled
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned the "coup" against Egypt's Mohamed Morsi -- and in a show of solidarity he often uses a four-finger hand gesture known as "Rabia" -- seen as a symbol of the Muslim Brotherhood (AFP Photo/Ozan Kose)

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4 parties recommend Turkish charge d’affaires in Cairo be expelled

Four parties convened Sunday to discuss Turkey’s “interference” in Egypt’s affairs and recommended that the Turkish charge d’affaires in Egypt be expelled and boycotting Turkish products.


Parliament demands explanation over Olympics player excluded over PEDs

The parliament ordered the summoning of representatives from the Ministry of Youth after Egyptian Olympics player Ehab Abdel Rahman was excluded from the Rio 2016 over performance-enhancing drugs in demand of explanation of how he was nominated for the competition.


Journalists Syndicate to discuss complaints by families of jailed members

The Journalists Syndicate will hold a meeting Monday evening to discuss complaints by the families of jailed members, Youm7 reported.


Supply minister, parl’t fact-finding committee to review report on wheat fraud 

Supply Minister Khaled Hanafy is scheduled to attend a meeting with a parliamentary fact-finding committee, tasked with probe into wheat harvest embezzlement allegations on Sunday.

The committee has submitted its final report to the parliament on Saturday following a month-long field visits to several wheat silos across the country.

A government-led inspection of wheat silos kicked off earlier this month after an unusually high procurement figure prompted allegations of possible fraud from top industry officials, traders and members of parliament.


Technical studies of Egypt-Saudi Red Sea bridge began: official

Technical studies to build a bridge linking between Egypt and Saudi Arabia over the Red Sea has started, Adel Turk, head of the General Authority for Roads & Bridges and Land Transport was quoted by Youm7 Sunday.

Soil samples have been taken for analysis while areas rich with coral reef are being located in order to select the best route for the project, he said.

The bridge will be carried out in cooperation with Armed Forces Engineering Authority, he added.

During the second day of his visit to Cairo in April, audi Arabia’s king has announced that a bridge linking the country to Egypt will be built over the Red Sea in order to boost commerce between the two allies.


Court to rule on placing Egypt’s Journalist Syndicate under judicial guardianship

The Cairo Court of Urgent Matters on Sunday is scheduled to rule on lawsuit demanding to put Egypt’s journalist syndicate under judicial guardianship, Youm7 reported.

Members of “the Independent Journalist Syndicate” filed the lawsuit against the syndicate head Yehia Qallash for harboring two journalists wanted by the police.

In late May, Egyptian prosecutors ordered the Qalash, and two board members to be tried on charges of harboring colleagues wanted by the law, a move that drew condemnation from rights groups.


UK parliamentary delegation wraps up Cairo visit

A delegation of the British House of Commons has left Cairo for London on Saturday night after a four-day visit to Egypt during which they held talks with President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, Youm7 reported.

During the visit, the UK delegation also met with a number of officials and discussed means of boosting bilateral cooperation, tourism industry as well as regional developments.


Court adjourns hearing on Red Sea Island appeal case

The Supreme Administrative Court on Saturday has postponed to August 13 the hearing on a government appeal against an earlier court decision on annulling an agreement to acknowledge Saudi Arabian sovereignty over the Red Sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir, Youm7 reported.

Last month, the Egyptian State Council judicial body judged that the agreement on maritime borders between Egypt and Saudi Arabia signed in April as invalid.

The Egyptian government appealed the court’s decision arguing that the State Council has no powers to issue verdicts on the case.

In mid-April, Egypt announced that the islands of Tiran and Sanafir are Saudi territories; both sides reached an agreement, per which Egypt relinquished control of the islands of Tiran and Sanafir, located at the entrance of Al-Aqaba Gulf in the Red Sea.

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