UPDATE: Egypt’s local news digest Aug. 1:Egyptian population expected to reach 140 m by 2030: study
People walk on a main street in central Cairo June 20, 2008. Red and white banners along Nile bridges and Cairo streets this month were Egypt's latest effort to curb an increasingly pressing problem: a population growing faster than the economy can support. REUTERS/ASMAA WAGUIH


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Egyptian population expected to reach 140 m by 2030: study

Egypt’s population is expected to reach 140 million by the year 2030 if the current 2.4% growth rate continues, according to a study conducted by the National Population Council.

The country’s birth rate increased from 2008-2012 due to low contraception use, with the highest birth rates in rural areas, where more than 72% of the overall Egyptian population lives, the study said.


Pope Tawadros II receives Ethiopian Orthodox Church Delegation

Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria and Patriarch of Saint Mark Diocese received a delegation from Ethiopia’s Orthodox Church on Monday, Youm7 reported.

The delegation was comprised of archbishop and head of the Ethiopian community in Cairo. The delegation had visited several Coptic monasteries and churches.

The Egyptian and Ethiopian churches have played a role in smoothing negotiations between the two countries regarding the Grand Renaissance Dam Ethiopia is building on the Blue Nile.

The Ethiopian church was formerly an archdiocese of the Church of Alexandria but became autonomous in the late 1950s.


6 killed, 3 injured in road accidents near Cairo

Six people were killed and three others injured after a microbus collided with a car along the Cairo Fayoum Ring Road on Monday, Youm7 reported statement from governorate’s security directorate.

Preliminary investigations indicated that the crash happened after the driver of the microbus lost balance of the wheel, causing him to hit the other car.

Thousands of Egyptians die on the road every year due to traffic accidents. Egypt recorded 14,548 traffic accidents in 2015, a one percent increase compared to 2014, according to a statement by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS.)


Delta’s Dakahlia governorate suffers sever water shortage

Chairperson of the Drinking Water Company of Delta’s Dakahlia stated that the governorate suffers sever water shortage to an extent that per capita share does not exceed 90 liters daily, Youm7 reported Monday.

In September 2015, the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation said in a statement that certain areas in Cairo and Giza suffered water shortages due to low Nile water levels.


Egypt receives last air-conditioned carriage from Hyundai Rotem for 1st line of Cairo Metro

Egypt will receive Monday the last nine-care air-conditioned metro from the Hyundai Rotem, Youm7 reported. Egypt has contracted with the South Korean company to purchase 20 metros for the first line of Cairo Metro for 2.2 billion EGP ($247 million).

On May 15, the first air-conditioned carriage operated in the first line of Cairo’s metro, running from Helwan-Marg.


25 grain silos built nationwide in short time: Supply Minister

A total of 25 silos have been built to store 1.5 million tons of grains and rice nationwide, Egyptian Minister of Supply Khlaed Hanfi told 10 P.M talk show on Dream channel Sunday evening. He added that the silos have been built in short time.


555K violation cases on arable lands reported since Jan. 25, 2011 uprising: Agriculture Ministry

A total of 555, 000 violations and encroachment cases on 68,579 arable acres nationwide have been reported since the outbreak of January 25, 2011 Uprising, according to a recent report from the Ministry of Agriculture Monday.

However, the ministry managed to remove a total of 314,587 cases on 17,712 acres, the report added.

Egypt’s arable land is estimated at around 8 million feddans. In December, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi launched the first phase of a project to reclaim 1.5 million feddans in the desert in light of presidency’s mega project of reclaiming 4 million feddans nationwide amid Egypt’s increasing population. (one feddan equals about 1.038 acres).


Cooking oil factory on fire in 6th October City

A huge fire broke out in cooking oil factory in the 6th October City Monday morning, Youm7 reported. Civil protection forces and firefighters prevented the fire to sweep through factory’s giant oil tankers, meanwhile security forces cordoned off the factory. No injuries have been reported.

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