Egypt’s social, culture digest Aug. 4: U.S. Getty Museum buys 7-inch-high Ushabti; Egyptian cinema icon Madiha Yousri transported to Medical Resort
An Egyptian pharaonic 7-inch-high Ushabti, one of the artifacts found in Tomb of Neferibresaneith (570 - 526 B.C.), Egypt’s Saqqara- Photo courtesy of The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

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Pot dating back to Tutankhamen’s era selected as ‘Piece of the Month’ for August

The Egyptian Museum in downtown will exhibit on Friday a pot, dating back to the era of King Tutankhamen, was selected to be the “Piece of the Month” for August.

The Ministry of Antiquities has posted on its Facebook page photos of 13 ancient Egyptian artifacts from the collection of the Egyptian Museum to select the “Piece of the Month” for August.

In July, the ministry began a new trend to share with the community the selection of the Egyptian Museum’s Piece of the Month through Voting on a group of artifacts carefully chosen from the museum in an attempt to raise people’s archaeological awareness and to share in the ministry’s decision making.


U.S. Getty Museum buys 7-inch-high Ushabti

The U.S. Getty Museum has bought an Egyptian pharaonic 7-inch-high Ushabti from Christie London at an auction this year, according to Blouibartinfo website Thursday.

Ushabti was one of the artifacts found in Tomb of Neferibresaneith (570 – 526 B.C.), Egypt’s Saqqara, in 1929.  The Ushabti was sold privately t the Getty after it failed to sell in Christie London in last October, the website added.

Ushabti figures, from an ancient Egyptian term meaning ‘to answer,’ were placed inside tombs, pyramids and graves for the purpose of serving the pharaoh in the afterlife, Dean of Minya University’s Faculty of Tourism and Hotels archaeologist Sherif el-Sabban has previously told The Cairo Post.

“During the New Kingdom Period, [1580 B.C.-1080B.C.], 365 statuettes were placed inside each tomb in order to ensure the pharaoh’s afterlife demands would be met all through the year. Ushabtis are usually carved with inscriptions asserting their readiness to serve the deceased,” said Sabban.


Granada building in Heliopolis to be changed into open theater  

Egyptian Heliopolis–located archeological building, Granada, will be changed into an open theater, comes under the authority of Cairo Opera House, state-owned newspaper al-Ahram reported head of Heliopolis Ibrahim Saber Thursday.


Egyptian cinema icon Madiha Yousri transported to Medical Resort after being hospitalized for 200 days

Egyptian film and television actress Madiha Yousri were transported to Dar El-Mona Care & Rehabilitation Medical Resort after being hospitalized for 200 day in Armed Forces Hospital Physiotherapy, Egyptian actress Nabila Ibeid told Youm7 Thursday.

The 94-year-old actress’s health condition is stable, Ibeid added. Yousri, who was born in 1921 in Cairo has acted more than 100 films. She has married to late Egyptian singer and actor Mohamed Fawzy who died in 1966.


August 6: Oud workshop at Designopia Zone

Designopia Zone institution organizes an Oud workshop, under the leadership of the graduate of Egyptian Faculty of Music Education Mahmoud Hazim.

The workshop will be held on Aug. 6, Saturday, at 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm at the Designpoia Zone headquarters in 5 Yashbak street (salah zou el fakar) Abassia, Cairo.

Phone: +20 114 468 2854

Price: 300 EGP

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