Egypt’s local news digest Aug. 7: Families of Copts kidnapped in Libya postpone protest; “Children without Shelter” kicks off soon in 10 governorates
(Archived photo) One of Egyptian abducted expats' family calling on the Egyptian authorities to intervene to release their sons from Libya- (YOUM7/ Mohamed Hiza)

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Families of Copts kidnapped in Libya postpone protest

Families of Egyptian Copts who were kidnapped in Libya have delayed their protest Sunday until they receive official police permit in accordance to the 2013 Protest Law.

A number of families were scheduled to demonstrate outside the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday, to demand authorities to bring back their sons who were abducted by militias in Libya.

Ayman Nageh, the brother of one of the kidnapped workers, said his brother disappeared a year ago in Libya and that his kidnappers contacted the family and threatened to kill him.

Meanwhile, Youm7 quoted early Sunday Libyan local media outlets as saying that 23 Egyptian workers were kidnapped by a group of militants on their way to the Libyan-Egyptian border.



“Children without Shelter” kicks off soon in 10 governorates

The Ministry of Social Solidarity announced that a project called “Children Without Shelter” will kick off by the end of August in 10 governorates, Youm7 reported.

The total cost of the project reaches 114 million EGP in coordination with 27 civil associations.

The ministry has chosen 10 governorates that hosts the highest number of homeless children estimated at 80 percent of that present across the country.


47 arrested at Sallum over illegal immigration

Border guards have thwarted an attempt by 47 unregistered migrants to illegally travel to Libya through desert routes, Youm7 reported.

The migrants included Egyptians, Sudanese and Syrians; they were all arrested and referred to specialized prosecution.

Such arrests occur on a near-daily basis as hundreds of migrants are busted at Egypt’s western border with Libya ‘Sallum,’ as well as in Nile Delta’s cities before sailing to Europe.

The Egyptian government has warned nationals against traveling to Libya due to prevailing security vacuum amid spread of Islamist militias. However, many flow into the city, searching for better life and source of living.


Egypt needs 18 mln EGP to solve slum crisis: Deputy Minister

Egypt needs between 16-18 billion EGP to build housing units for slum areas residents, Deputy Housing Minister Ahmed Darwish said in TV statements.

Darwish added to Sky News TV that residents will be located in the new housing units within two years, adding that a total of 60 families will benefit from the second phase of the housing program.


Summer discount on clothing kicks off Monday: Ministry of Supply

The Ministry of Supply, in coordination with the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, has announced the beginning of a summer discount on all types of clothing and goods starting from Monday, and is expected to last for a month, Youm7 reported.

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