UPDATE: Egypt’s local news digest Aug. 8: Father sent to trial for raping daughter; policemen who smuggled deers at airport, released; residents demand closure of environmentally-violating factory

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Father sent to trial for raping daughter

A father has been referred to a criminal court in Nile Delta’s Sharqia governorate to be tried over charges of raping his daughter, Youm7 reported.

The father, 45 years, has sexually assaulted his 17-year-old daughter; he was then arrested, investigated and ordered to be referred to rapid trial.


Policemen who smuggled deers at airport ordered released

A prosecution order release to two policemen who were arrested over charges of smuggling dears inside luggage at Cairo Airport in return for money they received from head of Saudi airliner.

The policemen were released on bail of 2000 EGP.


Village residents complain factory violating health standards

Residents of Abu Donia Village in Nile Delta’s Sharqia governorate complained about the presence of a brick factory within a housing bloc in violation to environment standards, Youm7 reported.

Youm7 received a letter from one of the residents urging officials to close the factory is operating on diesel, which could cause severe diseases.


South Egypt Cancer Institute suffers saline shortage due to dollar crisis

Director of the South Egypt Cancer Institute of Asyut University Mostafa al-Sharqawy announced Sunday that the institute is suffering shortage of saline solutions, he added that the current stock is enough for only five days, Youm7 reported.

Pharmaceutical companies could not provide the institute with the required quantity of solutions due to the dollar crisis, he added, noting that that total number of patients who receive medical care in the institute reached 36,000 people.

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) struggles to provide hard currency to other banks, so the importers find no dollar liquidity required to buy their raw materials.


Egypt to offer int’al tender to install air-conditions for 1st line carriages 

The Egyptian Ministry of Transportation will offer an international tender to install new air-conditions to all passenger non-carriages in the first line of Cairo Metro (Helwan- El Marg), Youm7 reported an official from the ministry who spokes on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to brief the media Monday.

The ministry has framed a plan to install air-conditions in metro carriages for the first and the second lines. Egypt has recently received a total of 20 air-conditioned new carriages per a contract with Japan for the first line.


Academic students should have HIV test before being enrolled in faculties: Cairo University

Cairo University has decided to apply HIV tests on new students before being enrolled in the University’s faculties, Youm7 reported The University Vice President Mohamed Othman al-Khashab Sunday evening.

A total of 500 HIV-positive cases are reported in Egypt annually, according to a report by the Egyptian Ministry of Health published by Youm7 in November. The first case reported to have contracted the disease was in mid-1980s, since then, a total of 1,500 out of 5864 HIV-positive cases have been fatal, the report noted, the positive cases represent 82 percent among men and 18 percent among women.


Sudan floods will increase Nile water level in Nasr Lake: Cedare

Floods that hit Sudan will contribute in increasing the level of Nile water in Egypt’s Man-made Lake of Aswan, Youm7 reported director of regional office of the Center for Environment & Development for The Arab Region & Europe (Cedare) Khaled Abu Zeid Monday.

Egypt faces drought that is related to decrease of the Nile flood over the past four years, water expert and former Water Ministry Spokesperson Khaled Wasif has previously told The Cairo Post.

Floods have killed 76 people and destroyed thousands of homes, Reuters reported Sudan’s Interior Ministry on Aug.4.


Government will announce new electricity prices after removing subsidy 

Egyptian Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker will hold a press conference Monday at the Ministry headquarters to announce that new electricity prices , Youm7 reported.

In July 2015, Egypt has raised electricity prices for mid-to-high household usage by an average of 19 percent, for the second consecutive year as part of a five-year plan to lift electricity subsidies.

Egypt’s electricity consumption is much higher than the minimum electricity requirement in low income countries, according to a report issued by the World Bank in September 2015.

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