Egypt’s local news digest Aug. 9: Cairo kills 30 stray dogs after residents’ complaints; protocol signed to support children’s cochlea implants
Pictures of poisoned stray dogs lying dead in Cairo streets in 2014- Youm7

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Cairo kills 30 stray dogs after residents’ complaints

More than 30 street dogs in Matariya district have been killed in a Monday crackdown by Cairo governorate to eliminate stray, violent animals, according to Youm7.

The governorate has received a series of complaints by Matariya residents of repeated attacks by stray dogs.

Many stray dogs have been seen over the past months lying dead in the street as the government tends to handle stray animals crisis by poison.

The government has been slammed by animal rights activists of adopting “unmerciful” ways to deal with the problem.

Former Deputy Head of the Veterinarian Services Authority Hassan Shafiq previously told The Cairo Post that thousands of animals are poisoned across Egypt every year using a deadly pesticide called strychnine.


Protocol signed to support children’s cochlea implants

The General Authority for Medical Insurance has signed a cooperation protocol with a coalition of civil associations to support cochlear implant operations for children.

The protocol aims to coordinate to solve problems facing children who need cochlea implant like huge gap between diagnose and the implementation of the surgery.


Wheat corruption investigations reveal forged documents

Investigations into subsidized wheat corruption case revealed that silos owners were involved in forging documents that claimed cultivation of wheat in 2016 to take over millions of pounds of money allocated for subsidized goods.


Cairo restaurant owner arrested over invalid meat

Supply Police arrested a fast food restaurant owner for possessing 410 kg of invalid meat in Basateen district, Cairo, according to Youm7.


Cairo sees hot weather of 35°C Tuesday

Forecasters expected a hot weather to prevail Tuesday, where Cairo will record highs of 35°C and lows of 26°C.

The temperature will be high in northern and southern Upper Egypt; Aswan and Luxor cities will see highs of 42°C and 41°C respectively.

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