Egypt press review Aug. 11: Missing Egyptians joined Libya’s ISIS; police after perpetrators of Ali Gomaa’s assassination attempt; 450 surveillance cameras to monitor Sharm el-Sheikh’s security


Youm7 front page 11 August, 2016

Youm7 front page 11 August, 2016

* Egyptians joined Libya’s ISIS, their families accused security agencies of enforced disappearance. Letters found in the Egyptians’ clothes after they were killed.


* Police pursue perpetrators of assassination attempt of Egypt’s ex-Mufti Ali Gomaa


* 420 surveillance cameras installed to follow up on security situation in Sharm el-Sheikh


* Government approves Tax dispute act


* Terrorists attacks targeting security armored vehicles in Sinai thwarted; 8 terrorists killed; conscript and civilians killed


* 11 newborn killed in fire broke out in a hospital in Iraq





* Parliament speaker meets with youth members of House of Representatives and praises their role.


* The General Committee at the parliament decided to postpone sessions until Aug. 21.


* Parliament’s sub-committee of manpower announced a plan to solve Egyptian expatriates’ problems, especially workers either by sending delegations abroad or summoning representatives of expatriates’ communities to attend sessions.


* MP Gebaly el-Maraghy says new civil servant law is not “unfair” against employees. He addressed protesting tax employees: no need for vigils that would disrupt country’s progress.





* One of the accused in murdering the Shiite leader Hassan Shehata was captured in Giza


* Financial Ministry: subsidy cut off power has nothing to do with IMF loan


* Parliamentary committee: we demand closure of exchange companies to eliminate corruption


* Worker killed after he fell off a wooden scaffold in Gharbiya governorate



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Sherifa el-Ansary loved Um Kulthum, joined blind orchestra



Al Ahram front page, 11 August, 2016

* Egyptian efforts to restore stability in South Sudan

* Cabinet decides to halt rice export

* Aswan’s High Dam is ready for “flooding” and storage sufficient for 3 years

* Germany issues “Berlin statement” to harshen terrorism law

* Egypt’s handball team meets Polish team in Rio Olympics Thursday

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