Egypt press review Aug. 14: Sisi promises people economic reform after IMF; border guards arrest hundreds of unregistered migrants


Youm7 front page 14 Aug., 2016

Youm7 front page 14 Aug., 2016


* Brotherhood Marionette in Egypt are: Ayman Nour, Mohamed el-Baradei, Essam Heggi and Abu el-Fatouh


* Sisi talks in numbers; $43 billion debt written off, 20 billion EGP provided for electricity, 150,000 housing units for slum areas, 1.2 billion meter arable for new cities and 150 billion EGP increase in salaries.


* Societal dialogue is government’s weapon to solve IMF loan crisis


* Official warning: sharks washed at shores due to corruption




* Parliamentary committees hold meeting Sunday to end dispute around VAT act.


* Central Auditing Agency: Higher Education Ministry spends 4.8 million EGP for maintenance of two floors at its headquarters.


* 15 promises from Sisi to people, on top of them: 1.5 feddan cultivation project in western desert.





* Egypt’s embassy in Cyprus restores 5.5 million Euros as insurance entitlements to Egyptian workers


* MP: Sisi’s speech is “re-assuring” to confront corruption


* Border guards thwart illegal immigration attempt by 124 people in Beheira; naval forces arrest 153 others near Dabaa


* Ministry of Endowment pursues Salafis in Alexandria, launches surprising tours at mosques to seize violators





Workouts for women to lose breast fats




3 dead bodies extracted from Asyut building during archeological excavation


وات الحماية المدنية تنتشل جثث ثلاث من طرف youm7




Al-Ahram front page 14 Aug., 2016

Al-Ahram front page 14 Aug., 2016


* Challenges and achievements bill


* Sisi: I will not hestitate to take tough reform decisions

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