UPDATE: Egypt’s local news digest Aug. 15: Fatal road accident in Cairo leaves 21 dead; army thwarts attempted attack in N. Sinai
(ARCHIVED) Bus accident- Youm7

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Fatal road accident in Cairo leaves 21 dead

The death toll of a road accident on Mit Ghamr Road in Cairo has reached 21 people, Youm7 reported.

The accident took place when one of the wheels of a microbus exploded causing the vehicle to deviate and crashed into a light post on the road.


Army thwarts attempted attack in Sheikh Zuwayed

Army forces in Sheikh Zuwayed city, North Sinai have thwarted an attempt to attack a security barrier with a car bomb.

Forces launched an RBG shell that destroyed the car immediately before attacking the guards.

On the other hand, a group of militants attempted exchanged fire with army forces in Arish, resulting in the death of Captain Mohamed Safwat, the army announced.


Cairo University ranks within last 100 on Shanghai ranking

The academic ranking world universities according to Shanghai Jiao Tong University has placed the Cairo University in the last 100 positions of the 500 world universities list.

The Cairo University is the only Egyptian university that was placed on the list.


Cairo-Suez Highway to be inaugurated on October 6

The General Authority for Roads, Bridges & Land Transport (GARBLT) is preparing for the opening of the Cairo-Suez Highway in celebration of victory of the 1973 Arab–Israeli War, on October 6, Youm7 reported official in the GARBLT Sunday.

The 70 km-long highway will be completed by the end of August, he added. It includes three lanes in each direction.


Series of meeting to increase cotton cultivation

Cotton Institution of the Agriculture Research Center holds a series of meeting to discuss ways of reviving the cotton cultivation which has seen a sharp decline by 50 percent this year, comparing to the previous year.

The meetings will discuss the ways on increasing the arable land of cotton nationwide, Youm7 reported an official from the Ministry of Agriculture Sunday.


Big explosion in butcher shop in Beheira’s Damanhour

A massive explosion occurred Monday at a butcher shop in Damanhour city in Delta’s Beheira due to a gas leak, causing no human casualties so far, but 15 shops and adjacent buildings were partially ruined, Youm7 reported

Security forces and civil protection forces rushed to the explosion scene, said Police Major General Shawki said in a statement, noting that the situation under control.


Village in Kafr el Sheikh floods with sewage water

Hundreds of people have left their home after sewage water flooded in the streets of “Shaba” village of Kafr el Sheikh governorate, Youm7 reported Sunday.

A local resident told Youm7 that 18.6 million EGP has been allocated to the village development, including installing a new drinking water network, building new public services institutions. However, he added that all development projects have suspended.


Mild weather prevails over northern coast cities Monday

Meteorological experts expected that a mild weather to prevail on Saturday over the northern coast cities, while it will turn hot and humid on Upper Egypt and Cairo, Youm7 reported.

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