UPDATE: Egypt’s local news digest Aug. 20: Egypt national museum committee supports museums destroyed in Yemeni war
Fighters of the Popular Resistance Committees, examine damage at the National Museum which burned on January 31, 2016, during clashes between Resistance and Houthi fighters in Yemen's southwestern city of Taiz, February 4, 2016. REUTERS/Anees Mahyoub


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Egypt national museum committee supports museums destroyed in Yemeni war

The Egyptian national committee for museums announced its full support to the Yemeni archaeological sites and museums, which have been destroyed during the war in Yemen, Youm7 reported.

The decision, which was approved during the committee’s meeting on Saturday, came following a proposal submitted by the committee’s member Khaled Azab, according to a statement released at the website of Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

The decision comes to assert the regional role played by the committee, which is the most prominent Arab private commissions on museums, according to the statement.

Several archaeological sites and museums including the Great Dam of Marib in central Yemen and the National Museum in the city of Taiz were damaged in the country’s political turmoil.


Egypt has arrested 70 Sudanese on route to Israel

(AP)- Sudan says that Egyptian authorities have arrested 70 Sudanese nationals while they were attempting to enter Israel, detaining them in a Cairo prison.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ghareeb Allah Khidi said Saturday in a report on the SUNA news agency that the Sudanese embassy is maintaining contact with Egyptian security authorities to follow up on the status and treatment of the detainees.

Egyptian authorities several months ago reportedly shot dead at least 10 Sudanese nationals who were trying to cross the Egyptian border into Israel. African migrants frequently attempt to cross the Sinai Peninsula and reach Israel, where they often surrender to Israeli authorities.


Border guards foil attempt by 86 people to illegally immigrate to Italy

Border guards at Egypt’s Mediterranean city of Alexandria have foiled an illegal immigration attempt and prevented 86 people from various nationalities from boarding a boat and crossing the sea to Italy, Youm7 reported on Friday.

They have admitted to have paid an anonymous middle man to facilitate their boat trip to Italy.

They, along with the boat crew, were arrested, detained for four days over attempting to illegally leave the country.

Egypt has intervened in a number of migration attempts by hundreds of asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa, particularly from Egypt Syria, Iraq and Libya, via the Mediterranean Sea to Italy or Greece as gates for other European countries.


Giza bans licenses to restaurants, cafés in some districts

Giza governor Kamal el-Daly has released a ban on issuing new licenses to restuarants and cafés in Agouza and Dokki districts.

The decision has been issued in June, and renewed in August in a bid to adjust traffic dicipline in main streets in the governorate.

It also aims to prevent turning housing units into commercial ones due to the large number of restaurants, in addition to ensuring that all facilities are meeting environmental and health standards.


Siwa river locomotive to carry cargo between Egypt, Sudan

Minister of Transport Galal el-Saaed announced a Siwa river locomotive that will transport cargo between Egypt and Sudan via Nile River, Youm7 reported.

The locomotive has been restructured before entering service, added the newspaper.

A source told Youm7 that the flags of the two countries will be raised on the new locomotive.


Civil society to monitor restoration works at Cairo historic places

Three committees of civil society specialists have been formed to supervise the restoration works of historic places and squares in Heliopolis district, Cairo.

The committees will be in charge of following up on projects conducted in Merryland gardens, Granada city and main squares in the district.


Yemeni flights resume to Cairo after 2- week halt due to clashes

Yemeni airlines resumed flights from and to Cairo International Airport Saturday after a two-week halt, Youm7 reported.

Sources at Cairo Airport said that the halt was due to escalated clashes between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthi-backed forces.


1st batch of Egyptian lottery pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia

The first batch of Egyptian pilgrims who won in Hajj lottery has arrived in Madina city in Saudi Arabia.

The Hajj, or Islamic pilgrimage, is one of Islam’s five pillars; it is a once in a lifetime obligation on Muslims who can bear the ritual physically and financially.

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