Egypt’s local news digest Aug. 25: Owner of wheat silo pay gov’t 72M EGP
Wheat - AFP/Juan Mabromata

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Owner of wheat silo pay gov’t 72M EGP

The owner of a wheat silo paid 72 million EGP to the government after he got involved in a corruption case where owners of wheat silos mixed local subsidized wheat with imported wheat to take the price difference. The man has been detained pending investigations, Youm7 reported Thursday.

26 Telecom Egypt employees end hunger strike after employer guarantees 

A total of 26 Telecom Egypt employees ended their hunger strike in the town of Esna in Luxor, Upper Egypt, after their company guaranteed they will keep their jobs. They spend four days of hunger strike in Esna Central Hospital, Youm7 reported Thursday.

31K tons of diesel seized in the black market

A total of 31,000 tons of diesel were seized by the Public Administration of Supply Investigations after the owner of a gas station sold them in the black market at a price higher than the official, Youm7 reported Thursday.

52K new homes have access to natural gas

Natural gas has reached 52,793 households since June as part of a plan to supply 664,000 homes in two years, sources at Egas told Youm7 Thursday.

70K EGP to be dispensed to 64 workers after company failed to pay salaries

A total of 70,000 EGP will be dispensed in subsidies by the Ministry of Manpower to 64 workers at Nights Bridge Chemicals company in Suez after it failed to pay their salaries, Youm7 reported Thursday.

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