Egypt’s press review Aug. 27: Ministerial reshuffle expected… newspapers shed light on economic war on Egypt
Egyptian newspapers



* Filthy economic war on Egypt


* Parliament awaits ministerial reshuffle


* Ex-President Adly Mansour’s memoir reveals MB attempts to assassin him


* Youm7 honors Egyptian Rio Olympics champions


* Christiano Ronaldo crowned the Best Player in Europe





Members of parliament: No for attempts to make Egypt kneel


World besiege Egypt economically


Parliament is set to discuss boosting Egyptian –African cooperation within the next week





* Agricultural Ministry reiterates its denial to rumors about spoiled Egyptian strawberries causing Hepatitis A in the United States.


* Between 2.75 EGP and 5.25 EGP increase in price of smoke after value-added taxes.


* 4 family members injured in a car turnover in Ras Sedr.




* Limited ministerial re-shuffle within days


* Italian Embassy sends Egypt’s FM about the info of the young boy who illegally traveled to Rome seeking treatment for his brother.


* Newly-signed Ahly coach announces details of his deal.




Akhbar Al-Youm:



* Ministry of Endowment: 120 mln EGP allocated each year for mosques’ restoration


* Egypt’s consulate follows investigations into assault of Egyptian national in Italy


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