Egypt press review Aug. 30: Parliament starts applying VAT act next month, harshens tax evasion penalty to 5 yrs in prison
Press Review



* Members of Parliament exchange curses during sessions.


* Al-Ahly SC courts Bassem Morsi for 28 million EGP.


* Parliament adopts VAT act, and applies it in October


* Tax evasion penalty harshened to five years in prison


* Education Ministry cancels mid-term exams, and instead conducts 6 exams throughout the year.


*Gov’t obliges ministries to close any bank accounts other than CBE.




* Parliament sub-committee to submit assessment report on National Council for Human Rights performance.


* Parliament to discuss Churches building law Tuesday.


* Defendant accused in subsidized wheat corruption case released after paying 77 million EGP.




* Sisi, PM discuss provision of basic commodities at markets, protection of low-income citizens.


* Swiss court accepts Egypt’s appeal against closing probe into Mubarak’s assets.


* “Catch greedy” initiative aims to monitor markets amid lack of official surveillance.





* Third Egypt Pilgrims dies in Saudi Arabia before Hajj rituals begin.


* Sisi discusses reviving peace talks with U.S. delegation


* Ticad closes after signing 73 MEMOS and issuing “Nairobi plan and declaration”



Akhbar al-Youm:


* Egypt informs Russia that Cairo Airport meets security standards.


* Parliament refers wheat corruption report to top prosecutor and Illicit gain authority.


* 3 terrorists killed, 2 conscripts injured in Sheikh Zuwayed.


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