UPDATE- Egypt’s local news digest Aug. 30: 700K Hep C patients cured at state expenses; 5 illegal immigration agents arrested in Alex
Hepatitis C treatment Harvoni and Sovaldi

CAIRO: No more browse from site to site anymore, here is Egypt’s local news that took place on Aug. 30:


700K Hep C patients cured at state expenses: Health Min.

Ministry of Health announced in a statement that it managed to treat a total of 700,000 hepatitis C patients at state expenses and the health insurance system.

The statement said that the treatment program of the patients cost 2.7 billion EGP, adding that the ministry managed to end patients’ waiting lists.

Two years ago, Egypt has imported thousands of bottles of U.S. medicines (like Sovaldi) to cure the Hep C virus. Recently, it embarked on manufacturing local versions of the medicines and partially halted the importing.

Having one of the highest infection rates of the virus, Egypt announced curing thousands of patients based on the local regimen.


3 killed, 8 injured in accident on 26th July Corridor

Three people were killed and eight others were injured after a microbus turned over on 26th July Corridor Tuesday, Youm7 reported.

The accident has caused a temporary traffic jam on the bridge that leads to the 6 of October city.

Thousands of fatal crashes take place each year in Egypt, leaving behind many deaths and injuries.

The country has recently started to incorporate measures to enhance road safety like constructing new roads and conducting drug-driving tests, as accidents toll is believed to be on the rise.

Although officials say human error is the main reason for the accidents, road experts blame them on lack of safety measures and road maintenance.


5 illegal immigration agents arrested in Alexandria

Five illegal immigration agents were caught in Alexandria while organizing a trip to Italy via the Mediterranean, Youm7 reported.

The arrested agents included three fishermen; they were gathering a group of youth who paid $2000 each for the illegal trip.


Cabinet asks Cairo Metro to increase passenger ticket prices

The Cabinet has sent two notifications to the Cairo Metro Company to increase the ticket price, an anonymous official at the company told Youm7 Monday evening.

The ticket prices will be divided into to two categories: first price was set for 2.50 EGP for those who get into the first two passenger carriages, while the ticket price for the rest of the train carriages has been fixed at 1.50EGP, the official added.


CPA launches campaign against cigarette monopolizers 

The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA), in cooperation with the General Authority for Supply, launched campaigns against the cigarette shops to control prices which have been raised by monopolizers, Youm7 reported CPA chairperson Atef Yacoub Tuesday.

He added that there are only 150,000 cigarette selling outlets nationwide.


‘Student of the Zero’ gets 94% in 2016 exams

Thanawyia Amma student, Mariam Malak, who got zero in final exams last year, has passed in 2016 exams after getting 94 percent.

Ministry of Education was under fire over Malak’s case in 2015 amid accusations off giving her final results to another unqualified student.

A Fact-finding committee has announced in 2015 that Malak, in Upper Egypt’s Minya, was lier and she deserved zero.


Women launch campaign to raise million grams of gold

A group of women have launched a campaign of “donate with a gram of gold” to raise a total of a million grams of gold to raise the Egyptian reserve of gold, Youm7 reported Monday.


Desalination water plant in Halaib triangle 

Minister of Agriculture Essam Fayed announced Tuesday that a desalination water plant at the disputed area of Halaib and Shalateen at the southern border with Sudan, state-owned newspaper al-Ahram reported.

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