UPDATE- Egypt’s politics digest on Aug. 30: Parliament approves Churches building draft law; Supreme Court to consider Protest law Oct.1
Church of Mar Girgis

CAIRO: No more browse from site to another, here is Egypt’s politics digest on Aug. 30: 


Supreme Court to consider Protest law Oct.1

Supreme Constitutional Court has decided to consider two challenges against the controversial 2013 protest law on October 1, Youm7 reported.

One of two lawsuits filed against the law appealed two articles that require prior permit before launching a demonstration, and subsequently allows police forces to reject or disperse the protest.

The second lawsuit appeals two other articles that criminalize taking part in a protest that disrupt traffic, security and punish violators by at least one year in prison.

Under the law, hundreds of activists and students have been jailed or waiting for prison sentence over breaching the law.

Since its adoption in Nov. 2013, the law has attracted huge criticism by local and international rights organizations, condemning the act as curbing constitutional right to freedom of expression.


Parliament approves Churches building draft law

Parliament approved Tuesday a draft law regulating the building and restoration of churches in Egypt, after discussing its articles in a general session.

The law has been welcomed by members of the parliament, who considered it a first step on achieving national unity.

During the session, the governmental representative urged the parliament to commit to the wording of the law, saying that the law has been drafted under the auspices of the three churches.

The cabinet recently passed the law to be discussed at the parliament for adoption.


Appeal session against voiding Red Sea islands deal on Sep. 20

Cairo Court for Urgent Matters postponed Tuesday an appeal session against the cancellation of an Egyptian-Saudi demarcation deal to Sept. 20.


In June, the State Council ruled to overturn a deal that transfers sovereignty of two Red Sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia.

Lawyer Khaled Ali who is the plaintiff in the case demanded to change the judge ruling the appeal session.


Parliament Speaker bans photojournalists from covering session due to ‘kiss’

Speaker of the House of Representatives Ali Abdel-Aal decided Monday to ban photojournalists to cover the parliament session after Youm7 photojournalist Kareem Abel Aziz captured Abdel-Aal when he gave a kiss for the members.

In Sunday session, Abdel-Aal has given a kiss for the parliamentarians ahead the general discussion on the new Value Added Tax (VAT) law. The photo was largely circulated on the social media and other news outlets.


Parliament summons Minister of Education over cancellation of mid-term exams

Chairperson Deputy  of the Educational Committee at the Parliament Hani Abaza has summoned Minister of Education al-Hilali al-Sherbini to speak at the parliament on the Minisyer’s decision of cancelling mid-term exams of the Thanawyia Amma (high school diploma), Youm7 reported.

The Egyptian Ministry of Education has announced a new system for Thanawyia Ammma, following the uncontrolled exam leakage phenomena.


Sisi updated on 1.5 mln feddan project 

President Abdel Fatah al-SIsi met Monday with the Ministers of Agriculture and Investments to be updated on the reclaiming 1.5 million feddan nationwide, which aims to increase Egypt’s arable lands to 9.5 million feddans, according to a statement from the presidential office.


Egypt participates in World Water Week in Stockholm

Egyptian Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohmef Abdel Atti and an accompanying delegation have flied Monday to Sweden yo participate in the annual  Wold Water Week in Stockholm due to be held in period between Aug. 28 and Sept. 2.

The Egyptian delegation will discuss the government strategy in using the underground water certain projects.


Lawsuit against Journalists’ Syndicate head over corruption 

A group of journalists have filed a lawsuit to the General Prosecution  against head of the Journalists’ Syndicate Yahia Qallash and other two journalists over accusation of “stealing 250,000 EGP,” Youm7 reported Tuesday.


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