Egypt press review Aug. 31: Parliament approves Churches building law



* Egyptian Economic expert Essam el-Erian: IMF loan deal boosts investment.


* New petroleum well discovered in western desert.


* Egypt’s Sisi, Sudan’s Bashir in trilateral summit with Ethiopia around Renaissance Dam.


* CIA documents reveals nuclear threat between Washington and Mosco during October war.


* Sadat show in Parliament; MP Mohamed Anwar resigns from Human Rights sub-committee hours before end of convention.




* MPs sign a petition to return VAT act to discussion table.


* Parliament celebrates passing churches building law by national unity cheers


* Parliament close to finalize discussion of Civil Servant act.




* Italian authorities rescue a cat trapped under rubble for 6 days.


* Egypt- Eurasia Union to establish free trade zone by end of 2016.


* Civil Protection Forces put out fire broke out in a a sponge workshop in Maadi.




* Sisi orders intensify monitoring on prices and quality of food and medicines.


* Additional amounts of sugar pumped into local markets to meet consumers’ needs.


* Police man investigated over manslaughter of a driver while dispersing a fight in Basateen district, south Cairo.


 Akhbar Al-Youm:


* Parliament agrees on amendments to law regulating entrance and residence of foreigners in Egypt.


* Parliament approves Churches Building law.


* Gov’t provides 1,000 heads of cattle each day during Eid al-Adha.

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