UPDATE – Egypt’s local news digest Sept.2: Death toll of Egyptian pilgrims reaches 8; official denies infant formula crisis as “rumors”

CAIRO: No more browse from site to site anymore, here is Egypt’s local news for Sept. 2:


Death toll of Egyptian pilgrims reaches 8: Health Min.

Ministry of Health announced that the death toll of Egyptian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia have reached eight after two deaths were reported Friday, according to Youm7.

Two old men, aged 46 and 73 years old, reportedly died over health crises.


3 killed, 6 injured in 2 separate accidents

At least 3 people killed and 6 injured in two separate accidents Friday, Youm7 reported.

The first accident took place when a microbus collided with a truck on the Ring Road, resulting in the death of one person and the injury of three others.

The second accident occurred in Torah area, Cairo, when a military train carrying cargo crashed into a tricycle vehicle “Tok Tok”, leaving two women dead and three policemen injured, according to the Military Spokesperson Mohamed Samir.


Child formula crisis is “fabricated,” stock sufficient for 5 months: official

A current shortage in children formula has been denied by chairman of official pharmaceutical company as fabricated rumors, Youm7 reported.

Over the past days, local newspapers have quoted mothers standing in long queues complaining about lack of the milk at markets.

On the other hand, the chairman of the Egyptian Company for medicine trading Adel Tolba said that stock of children formula is sufficient for five months, Youm7 reported.


Death toll among Egyptian pilgrims rise to 6: health ministry

A 53 year-old Egyptian woman died on Thursday while performing Hajj rituals in Saudi Arabia, health ministry announced in a statement.

Thursday’s death raised the death toll among Egyptian pilgrims to six. The victim died of heart attack shortly after she was transported to Al Ansar hospital in Medina, Ali Hegazy, head of the Egyptian pilgrimage mission was quoted by Youm7.

More than 125 Egyptian pilgrims died in a stampede took place in Mecca last year.


UN office in Cairo hails parliament’s approval to toughen FGM penalties

The United Nations office in Egypt congratulates the Egyptian government, health ministry and the National Population Council for their admirable efforts, which led to the endorsement by parliament majority of harsher penalties for Female Genital Mutilation.

In a Thursday statement, the UN Egypt office said that “swift processing of the proposed amendments reflects a strong commitment from the Government of Egypt to end FGM and is in line with the UN resolutions and the Sustainable Development Goals which call for the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls.”

On Wednesday, the parliament approved a cabinet bill amending the law criminalizing FGM, designating the practice a felony, and mandating stricter legal punishments for those convicted of performing the procedure.

The United Nations in Egypt calls on all health care providers—that include doctors and nurses— as well as the communities, parents and the civil society to mobilize against this dangerous, illegal practice and to enforce the new amendments, according to the statement.


768 Palestinian pilgrims cross Rafah border crossing en route to Saudi Arabia

A total of 768 Palestinian pilgrims have crossed the Rafah border crossing from the Gaza Strip into Egypt en route to Saudi Arabia on Thursday, official source told Youm7.

The Egyptian authorities provided bus to escort the Palestinian pilgrims into the Egyptian territories, said the source, adding that the pilgrims travelled to Cairo International Airport to fly to Saudi Arabia.

A total of 2,640 construction materials entered the Gaza Strip through the crossing on Thursday, he added.

Egypt will reopen the Rafah border crossing on Saturday for two days to accommodate Palestinian pilgrims and facilitate humanitarian aid, Youm7 reported.

The opening of the crossing between Egypt’s North Sinai province and Palestine’s Gaza Strip marks the second in past few days. It was opened on Tuesday – Thursday and allowed over 1,600 pilgrims to travel through the border.


Hot, humid weather prevails on Egypt’s Delta and Cairo on Friday

Hot and humid weather is expected to prevail on Friday in Egypt’s Delta and Cairo, with highs ranging from 33 to 36 degrees centigrade, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority announced.

A very hot and dry weather will be felt in Upper Egypt, with highs ranging from 36 to 40 degrees. Meanwhile, the weather will cool in the Northern coast with highs of 32 degrees in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.


1st Egypt-US made cure for Hepatitis C will be available during Eid al Adha: EDA

The Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA) announced it has officially accredited the first Egyptian-U.S. made hepatitis C drug Sovaldi, Youm7 reported on Friday.

The new drug, which comes under the commercial name of “Magicpover,” will be available during the Eid al Adha holidays.

Egypt has the world’s highest prevalence of HCV, a virus that often causes chronic liver disease, leading to fatal liver failure and cancer.

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