UPDATE: Egypt’s politics digest Sept. 10:Court upholds prosecution’s travel ban decision on 17 defendants over wheat fraud allegations
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Court upholds prosecution’s travel ban decision on 17 defendants over wheat fraud allegations

A Cairo Appeals Court on Saturday upheld the prosecution’s decision to freeze the assets and impose travel bans on 17 defendants, including businessmen pending investigation over allegations of fraud in local wheat procurement, Youm7 reported.

On August 13, Egypt’s Attorney Genral Nabil Sadek ordered the detention of several defendants, including silo and storage area owners, for 15 days pending investigation over facilitating seizure of public funds, illicit profiteering and forgery.

A week earlier, Sadek ordered travel bans and asset freeze on those involved in the case.

The court also set Nov. 2 to look into appeals presented by other 27 defendants against prosecution’s travel ban decision.


Sisi pardons 600 prisoners on Eid al Adha

President Abdel Fatah al Sisi issued a decree pardoning 600 detainees to mark the occasions of Eid Al Adha and the 6 October War, Youm7 reported on Saturday.

The pardon was reported by Egypt’s prison authority, which has finalized the release procedures for the inmates so that they spend the Eid holiday, begins on Monday, with their families.

No high-profile activists were among those on the pardon list, which includes youth prisoners, who violated the 201 law banning protests without a permit and others with medical conditions.

Those eligible for pardon must not have “dangerous to public safety,” according to the decree,

Egyptian presidents have traditionally pardoned groups of prisoners on national and religious holidays.


Egypt praises US, Russian deal on Syria truce

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry praised the US-Russian deal to impose a perpetual ceasefire in Syria, which will be effective starting from the first day of the Muslims feast of Eid al Adha on Monday.

“The agreement is a preliminary step towards a comprehensive and durable ceasefire all across Syria,” said a statement by a spokesperson for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Ahmed Abu Zeid.

The deal provides for a 10-day ceasefire followed by “co-ordinated” air strikes against militants in the war-torn Arab country.

The statement urged all warring fractions “to adhere to the ceasefire deal to put an end to the misery the Syrian people have been living in, which would then facilitate a return to political dialogue.”


Turkish Airlines resumes flights to Sharm el Sheikh Airport after 10-month hiatus

Turkish Airlines will resume Saturday its flights to Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh International Airport after being suspended for more than ten months hiatus following the crash of Russian airplane over Sinai on October 31, 2015, Youm7 reported a statement from the Turkish embassy in Cairo Friday evening.

The militant Islamic State affiliate in restive North Sinai announced that it has downed the Russian plane few minutes after taking off from the Sharm el Sheikh Airport, claiming lives of more than 220 lives; Russian suspended all its flights to Egypt and imposed travel ban on EgyptAir flights to its territories, while other countries halted their flights to Sharm el Sheikh Airport.


Ministry of Interior calls on Egyptian pilgrims not to raise political slogans on Arafat Mount

The Egyptian Ministry of interior has called on the Egyptian pilgrims to not raise political slogans of mottos while they are standing on Arafat Mount of Mecca on Sunday during the pilgrimage, Youm7 reported Saturday.

According to the Islamic Sharia (Law), Muslim pilgrims should stand on Arafat Mount, where Prophet Muhammad gave his farewell speech before his death, to ask for God’s mercy and forgiveness.


Atfat el-Shawarea does not belong to ‘banned’ group per probes: lawyer

The investigations revealed that the sarcastic street group, which mocks the performance of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and his government, did not belong to any banned or outlawed organization, Youm7 reported the group’s lawyer Friday.

On Wednesday, the four members of the six-member group, Atfat el-Shawarea or “Street Children,” were released pending investigations over charges of “overthrowing the regime and publishing videos against the state.”


Egypt’s parliament calls on Arab leaders to meet on ‘Turkish interference’ into Iraq, Syria

Chairperson Deputy of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Parliament Ahmed Imbabi called for all Arab Presidents and leaders to hold a meeting to discuss ways for to stop Turkish “interference” into Iraq and Syria, Youm7 reported Friday evening.


Parliament intensifies meetings after Eid Al Adha festivals  

The House of Representatives will intensify its meetings following four-day Eid al Adha festivals to discuss several domestic and international issues, particularly the Municipal Law, and the pilgrimage season of 2016, Youm7 reported Saturday

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