Egypt’s politics digest Sept. 11: MP calls for independent body to monitor road safety amid rising fatal crashes
22 people were killed and 11 others were injured in an accident took place when one of the wheels of a microbus exploded causing the vehicle to deviate and crashed into a light post on the road- YOUM7

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Part of World Bank loan should be allotted to developing education system: MP

Member of Parliament Mohamed Abdel Maguid said that the first tranche of World Bank’s $3 billion should be utilized in raising cash foreign reserves and boosting education system, Youm7 reported.


MP demands independent body to monitor road safety

Abdel Moneim el-Eleimy, Member of Parliament, demanded establishing an independent authority to investigate the reasons behind the high rate of traffic accidents.

At least nine killed in four separate road accidents across the country.

Thousands of Egyptians die every year in fatal crashes that officials mainly blame on human error. On the other hand, road experts say lack of safety measures and regular maintenance of the roads are the main cause of the crashes.

Egypt has embarked on a national plan to monitor road safety by building new roads and conducting drug-driving tests.


Parliament eyes ‘boosting tourism’ during 2nd convening period

Member of Parliament Evleen Metta said that top priorities of tourism affairs sub-committee are to discuss plans to boost the industry that is one of the most important sources of hard currency.

Metta also said that, during the second convening period of the parliament, she will propose ministries to organize visits for celebrities to come to Egypt, such as football players.

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