UPDATE: Egypt’s local news digest Oct.1:MP faces backlash after calling for mandatory virginity test on women before university enrollment
Parliament Member Elhamy Agena.


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MP faces backlash after calling for mandatory virginity test on women before university enrollment

A lawsuit was filed against MP Elhamy Agena who suggested that women should undergo a mandatory virginity tests as a condition of enrollment in Egyptian universities, Youm7 reported Saturday.

Lawyer Tarek Mahmoud filed the lawsuit to Alexandria prosecution accusing Agena of “slandering and libeling” the Egyptian people.

“Such remarks are criminalized according to the Egyptian penal code as it represent a blatant violation on the dignity of the Egyptian people and could cause a serious psychological damage to the community,” Mahmoud was quoted by Youm7.

According to Agena, this measure will curb the “Urfi marriage phenomenon”

Agena’s remarks were also slammed by the National Council of Women, public figures and members of the Egyptian parliament.

Head of NCW Maya Morsy said the council has filed a lawsuit against Agena to the Attorney General calling for parliament speaker to refer the lawmaker to the “ethics committee.”

Agena is known for his controversial statements. Last month, he said female genital mutilation (FGM) is justified by the prevalence of impotence among Egyptian men and that it “reduces women’s level of sexual desire.”


Grand Egyptian museum, Tokyo National museum sign cooperation protocol

General Supervisor of Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) Tarek Tawfik signed a cooperation protocol with Tokyo National Museum, the antiquities ministry announced in a statement on Saturday.

The agreement aims at the exchange of the Egyptian-Japanese expertise in the field of archaeological renovation, in addition to training of GEM conservators on the latest techniques of restoration and museum display, according to the statement.

This came during the visit of delegation from the Egyptian antiquities ministry to inaugurate an exhibition, “Era of Pyramids Builders”, in the Japanese city of Kyoto on Friday.


Oil leak contained at East Port Said Port: statement

The General Authority for the Suez Canal Economic Zone announced it has contained an oil leak near one of the platforms of East Port Said Port, Youm7 reported on Saturday.

The oil spill was spotted by Environment Ministry authorities on Friday. It came from a ship anchored on a quay of a container company.

The leak was contained after clean-up operation carried out in cooperation with the Suez Canal Authority (SCA,) the authority said in a statement.


Cairo expected to see moderate weather Saturday

Forecasters have expected a moderate weather in Cairo on Saturday, where its sees highs of 32°C and lows of 22°C.

While in Upper Egypt, temperature will be high during the day hours and a little cold at night.

In Mediterranean cities like: Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh, they will record lower temperatures, reaching highs of 29°C and 27°C.


Sharm el-Sheikh to receive 1st German flight in a year

Sharm el-Sheikh Airport will receive the first batch of German tourists on charter flight Saturday, after a year of flight halt.

The flight, coming from Frankfurt city in Germany, is carrying 170 passengers.

This step comes amid Egypt’s efforts to resume foreign flights to Egyptian airports and boost tourism sector.


Foreign Ministry follows up on 33 Fishermen crisis in Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has contacted Egypt’s consulate in Riyadh after 33 Egyptian fishermen complained of inhumane treatment by Saudi sponsors.

A statement by the ministry said that information at the consulate indicate that the fishermen did not receive official work contracts and that the boat they were hired to work on was unsuitable for sailing.

The statement assured that Egyptian authorities are contacting Saudi counterparts to solve the fishermen’s issues.


1/3 Egypt’s households deprived of basic urban services: study

A study by a research center revealed that a third of Egyptian households (34.1 percent) are deprived of basic urban services like sewage, hospitals and schools, Youm7 reported.


Alcohol not for sale Sunday in observance of Islamic New Year

All nightclubs and stores that offer alcoholic beverages across the country will be closed on Sunday coincidings with the Islamic New Year, Youm7 reported.

Places that sell alcohol are required to close during religious occasions, such as in the month of Ramadan.

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