UPDATE – Egypt’s politics digest Oct. 3: Parliament begins new sessions Tuesday, discusses Illegal Immigration law
Parliamentary voting session, Jan.18, 2016- YOUM7

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MP calling for virginity tests at colleges sued

A lawsuit was filed demanding withdrawal of legal immunity of Member of Parliament Elhamy Agina who called for mandatory virginity tests to female students before being admitted to university.


The parliamentarian has been in hot water since he made his remarks last week, triggering a backlash against him by social media and rights groups.




Illegal Immigration law to be discussed Tuesday at Parliament

The parliament is set to discuss the Illegal Immigration Law on the first session of its second convening period that will begin Tuesday.


A number of ministers will show up at the session to discuss the laws before the parliament.




Parliament to pay visits to prisons, orphanages: MP

A member of the Human Rights Affairs committee at the parliament announced that the second convening period will include inspection visits to prisons, hospitals and orphanages.


MP Atef Makhaleef said that the coming sessions will shed the light on a number of important legislations like NGO law and prisons-related laws.


Head of Lawyers’ Syndicate sues government to repeal VAT law

Head of the Lawyers’ Syndicate Sameh Ashour filed a lawsuit against the government, calling for repealing the applicable Value-Added Tax Law, Youm7 reported

A number of lawyers staged a protest outside the headquarters of the High Judicial Court downtown on Saturday against the law.

The lawyers called for the annulling of the protest, saying it contradicts with the international technical and legal standards.

Late August, The House of Representatives had approved the tax of 13 percent, the move taken by the government to increase the state’s revenues amid current financial crisis. Since then, some products and services prices have been increased.


EgyptAir denies U.S request of questioning two Egyptians over bomb bag

EgyptAir denied that U.S. authorities have notified the company to question two employees, who were identified after they took bag and removed a press pan, was used for explosive device in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea.

EgyptAir Chairperson Safwat Mesalam denied the U.S. media reports, saying  the company employees are subjected to security measures.


Arab Quartet on Palestinian issue to meet Arab League

Arab Quartet (Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, and Morocco), tasked to discuss the ways of putting an end to the Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories, will meet on Monday at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, Youm7 reported.

The committee will be chaired by Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Fahmy; it will be attended by foreign Minister of the Palestinian authority Riyad al-Maliki.



Second lawsuit filed against MP called for virgin test for girls before being enrolled in colleges  

Second law suit was filed against Member of Parliament who called for women should undergo a mandatory virginity tests as a condition of enrollment in Egyptian universities, Youm7 reported on Monday.

International Development Law Unit, Centre for Human Rights filed the lawsuit against parliamentarian Ilham Agina.

Two days ago, Lawyer Tarek Mahmoud filed the lawsuit to Alexandria prosecution accusing Agena of “slandering and libeling” the Egyptian people.

“Such remarks are criminalized according to the Egyptian penal code as it represent a blatant violation on the dignity of the Egyptian people and could cause a serious psychological damage to the community,” Mahmoud was quoted by Youm7.

According to Agena, this measure will curb the “Urfi marriage phenomenon”

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