Egypt’s politics digest Oct. 6: Egypt’s armed forces stage naval, air parades in 43rd anniversary of October war victories
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Egypt’s mistral-class warship arrives in Alexandria after participating in Cleopatra 2 maneuvers

Egypt’s second Mistral-class Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) warship, Anwar al Sadat, arrived back home in Alexandria, after participating in the joint Egypt-France militarily maneuvers Cleopatra 2, Youm7 reported on Thursday.

The carrier is the second in a deal worth EUR 950 million signed last October with France to buy two Mistral helicopter carriers. Egypt received the first in June this year.

Egypt and France have signed about 30 agreements during the French president’s visit to Egypt in April.


Egypt’s armed forces stage naval, air parades in 43rd anniversary of October war victories

Egyptian armed forces will perform naval and air shows nationwide on Thursday marking, the 43rd anniversary of the October war, Youm7 reported.

Former generals and officers who participated in the 1973 Egyptian-Israeli war will be interviewed by state’s T.V.s to talk about heroism. Helicopters will hold a military parade at 2:30 p.m. in the skies of Cairo.

President Abdel Fatah al Sisi on Wednesday attended a military parade of the 6th armored division of the Second Field Army on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the 6 October War victory.

Sisi was accompanied by visiting Sudanese President Omar al Bashir. The two leaders also went on an inspection tour of arms and equipment of the Second Field Army in Ismailia.


Egypt denies support of Ethiopian opposition group  

Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid denied media reports claimed that Egypt backs Ethiopian opposition group of Oromo Liberation Front against the Egyptian government.

“Egypt firmly respects the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, particularly those that have great ties and relations with Egypt on the official and popular levels such as Ethiopia,” Abu Zeid added in a statement on Wednesday.

Turkish Anadolu Agency claimed on Wednesday that Egypt supports the opposition front against the government.

Since May 2011, relations between Cairo and Addis Ababa have strained over building a controversial Ethiopian dam on the Blue Nile; Egypt has voiced its concern that the dam could reduce the country’s annual share of more than 56 billion cubic meters of Nile water. Addis Ababa, however, has claimed that the dam is necessary for its development, and will not harm downstream countries.


Egypt’s gov’t human rights council not allowed to visit prison hospital

The Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) members were not allowed to visit a prison hospital where some inmates reportedly suffer severe diseases, according to a statement from the NCHR on Wednesday.

During a visit to Torha prison, Egypt’s maximum security prison where political detainees spend their time, by the delegation that was chaired by the NCHR chairperson George Isaac, the delegation was unable to meet with certain inmates whose names were listed in the request of the visit, the statement said.

The prison authorities justified that the inmates were transported to the prison hospital where their have medical treatment.

When that delegation has asked to see the inmates in the hospital, the prison authorities rejected as there was no permission for the hospital visit, the statement continued. The delegation met with only one inmate, whose name was listed.


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