Egypt’s local digest on Oct. 6: 25 people charged with sectarian violence in Minya
Coptic Women Who Was Assaulted, Stripped Naked In Minya In May 2016, Meet With Coptic Bishop Marcus.

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25 people charged with sectarian violence in Minya

Attorney General Nabil Sadek referred a total of 25 people charged with inciting and committing sectarian violence in Minya to a criminal court on Wednesday, Youm7 reported.

On May 20, a group of 300 armed Muslims arrived at Coptic Ashraf Abdo Atiya’s house and set fire to eight houses and dragged Atia’s mother outside, beat her and stripped her naked in the street when they did not find Atiya in his home, said Coptic Bishop Marcus in a statement May 26.

The attack happened after a divorced Muslim man incited violence against Atiya and his family, claiming that Atiya is in a relationship with his Muslim ex-wife in the al-Karam village of Minya. Since then, 16 out of 23 suspects have been arrested.


Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture heads to Moscow for cooperation

Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture Essam el Fayed headed to Russia’s Moscow on Thursday to hold cooperation discussions, Youm7 reported.

Fayed is scheduled to meet with the Russian agricultural Minister, the president of the Russian Grain Union, the head of the Russian Federal Service for Quarantine and Veterinarian, the head of the Union of Russian Retailers, and President of the Russian- Egyptian business council.

The visit comes after Russia lifted a temporary ban on imports of Egyptian crops after Cairo committed to take all necessary measures to guarantee the safety of the products exported to Moscow.

Russia temporarily suspended fruit and vegetable imports from Egypt from Sept. 22 after Cairo rejected a Russian wheat shipment.


Environment Ministry dumps 178 tons of garbage in Alexandria

A total of 178 tons of garbage has been removed from Alexandria streets, in light of the Ministry of Environmental five-month campaign, which has been launched since Sept. 4, Youm7 reported head of the Waste Management Department Fatma Mohsen on Thursday.

According to the Central Agency for Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) in November 2015, Egypt’s total amount of household waste that has been disposed in 2014 reached 12.1 million tons (44,000 million cubic meters.)


Egypt deports 34 unregistered African immigrants back homes

Egyptian authorities have deported a total of 34 unregistered immigrants from different African countries back home on Thursday, Youm7 reported an official at the Cairo International Airport.

The immigrants, who are from Ethiopia, Sudan, and Eritrea, have been arrested in Mediterranean cities of Ismailia, Alexandria, and Marsa Matrouh.

Such arrests happen routinely at Egyptian borders, where security measures were intensified to curb the practice of illegal immigration. Border guards have also seized dozens of attempts to smuggle contraband and drugs.


Mild weather prevail over Egypt’s northern cities on Friday

Egyptian meteorologists expected that mild weather will prevail on Friday on the northern cities, while it turns hotter over Cairo and Upper Egypt, Youm7 reported on Thursday.

Low clouds appear in skies of the coastal cities and the western winds will be active in Suez Gulf, the experts added.


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