Egypt’s politics digest Oct. 8: U.S., UK, Canada warns citizens to avoid public gatherings in Cairo on Sunday
Egyptians protest against the latest surge of assaults on Christians in Cairo, Egypt, Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016. Egyptian Christians have staged a rare protest in downtown Cairo to demand the government uphold their rights, saying they are sorely lacking and they are treated as second-class citizens in the Muslim-majority country. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

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U.S., UK, Canada warns citizens to avoid public gatherings in Cairo on Sunday

U.S., UK, and Canadian embassies in Cairo have warned their citizens in Egypt to be cautious and avoid large gatherings and public spaces on Sunday, October 9.

“The U.S. Embassy strongly advises U.S. citizens to avoid large gatherings and public spaces such as concert halls, movie theaters, museums, shopping malls, and sports venues in Cairo through Sunday, October 9, due to potential security concerns. U.S. citizens should be aware of their surroundings and practice good security precautions at all times,” the U.S. embassy warned in a message on Friday.

Meanwhile, UK embassy wrote on its website “We advise avoiding large gatherings and public spaces such as concert halls, movie theaters, museums, shopping malls, and sports venues in Cairo until 9th October.”

The Canadian embassy in Cairo also issued the same advice to its citizen due to “potential security concerns.”

“Global Affairs Canada advises against non-essential travel to Egypt due to the unpredictable security situation. This advisory does not apply to the Red Sea coastal resorts of Hurghada (and its surroundings) and Sharm el-Sheikh, nor to the area from Luxor to Aswan along the upper Nile, where you should exercise a high degree of caution,” the advice read.

However, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it disturbed by the security message, saying “the embassy neither coordinated with the foreign ministry nor notified any other Egyptian authority of the reasons for issuing such an alert or the nature of these security concerns.”

“The US embassy denied the presence of any particular reasons or security threats that triggered the alert, emphasizing that such alerts are standard precautionary measures taken during extended holidays that often lead to increasing numbers in public gatherings,” Egyptian Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid said in the statement on Friday.


Court of Cassation resumes re-trial of Morsi over Presidential Palace case

Egypt’s Court of Cassation resumes the re-trial of former President Mohamed Morsi on Saturday over charges of inciting violence outside the Ittihadeya Presidential Palace in 2012, Youm7 reported.

In April, a Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Morsi to 20 years in prison; Two of his co-defendants were sentenced to 10-year terms while the other 12 defendants, including former vice president of Freedom and Justice Party (MB’s political wing) Essam el-Erian and Mohamed el-Beltagy , the former party’s secretary in Cairo and Morsi’s aide Ahmed Abdel Aty, were sentenced to 12 years.

The prosecution accused the defendants of inciting violence, killing and torturing protesters and processing firearms and knives.


National Security policeman fatally shot by unknown people in Beheira

A policeman of the Egyptian National Security Service was shot dead by unknown people after his day work in Kafr El-Rahmania village of Delta’s Beheira governorate early Saturday, Youm7 reported.

Gamal Ahmed Hassan al-Dib, 48, was sprayed with eight bullets, one of which entered into his head, said a high-profile security official.

According to the initial investigations, two masked men on a motorbike opened fire at al-Dib after he got out of his car outside his house in Mahmoudia Street.  Security forces are on full alert in the governorate to arrest the shooters.


Cairo Court hands down death penalty against convict over targeting Christian institution

A Cairo Criminal Court handed down a death sentence against a defendant over charges of forming a terrorist cell that targeted Coptic institutions on Saturday, Youm7 reported.

The Court also sentenced eight co-defendants to 25 years in jail, while 11 others were sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The prosecution has charged the defendants with embracing a takfiri ideology, committing a robbery in jewelry shop in Al-Zaitoun area in Cairo on May 28, 2008, and targeting tourists and Copts.


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