UPDATE – Egypt’s politics digest Oct. 10: Ethiopia did not accuse Egypt’s gov’t of supporting terrorists: Ethiopian Minister
Ethiopia's Communication Affairs Minister Getachew Reda speaks to media about the current unrest in the country, in the capital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Monday, Oct. 10, 2016. The Ethiopian government has declared a state of emergency effective immediately following a week of anti-government violence that resulted in deaths and property damage across the country, especially in the restive Oromia region. (AP Photo/Mulugeta Ayene)

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Court to decide on putting Ahmed Shafiq on watch list Nov. 16

Cairo Criminal Court will rule in a challenge submitted by Ahmed Shafiq, ex- candidate in 2012 presidential elections, against putting his name on airports’ watch list on Nov. 16, Youm7 reported.


Ethiopia did not accuse Egypt’s gov’t of supporting terrorists: Ethiopian Minister

Ethiopia has not accused Egyptian government or officials of meeting with “terrorist” Ethiopian elements as circulated, Ethiopian Minister of Communication Affairs Getachew Reda told Youm7.

Reda explained that statements released by the Ethiopian government referred to Egyptian nationals accused of holding meetings with Ethiopian armed opposition in Cairo.

Earlier, Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement assuring that Egypt did not interfere in Ethiopia’s affairs and respect its sovereignty.


President El Sisi Delivers Speech at Final Session of Sudan’s National Dialogue Conference

Addressing the closing session of Sudan’s National Dialogue Conference today, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi expressed his appreciation for witnessing this significant juncture in the modern history of Sudan to engage different stakeholders from the Sudanese community in national dialogue so as to achieve a common goal, uphold Sudan’s interest and realize peace and security. He added that Egypt has always attached great significance to its relations with Sudan, with which it shares borders as well as a long history of unique cultural bonds. In this context, Egypt is keen on enhancing cooperation with Sudan to reinforce common interest across all fields so as to enhance endeavors for development and prosperity and therefore realize security and stability for the countries and peoples in the Arab region and Africa.

The President expressed his satisfaction with the successful outcomes of the Egyptian Sudanese Joint Committee that convened for the first time at the presidential level in Egypt last week and led to the signing of a strategic partnership agreement that shall further strengthen cooperation.

The President stated that Egypt has supported efforts to reinforce stability and peace across Sudan and was among the first countries to welcome holding an inclusive societal national dialogue that engages all political movements and entities so as to strengthen the foundation of the modern Sudanese state that is based on the principles of participation and democracy. Egypt has also welcomed President Omar al-Bashir’s initiative to sign a roadmap proposed by the African Mediation Mechanism last March as well as his keenness on responding to regional and international efforts aimed at realizing security, stability and peace in Sudan. The President expressed his appreciation for President al-Bashir’s national initiative to unite Sudan and expressed confidence in his ability to rally the Sudanese stakeholders to implement what they agreed to within the context of the national dialogue to form a national unity government that shall resume the amelioration of economic and political conditions and supervise constitutional reform.

The President also noted the regional and international efforts to restore stability in Sudan and affirmed Egypt’s full support for the African Mediation Mechanism’s efforts led by President Thabo Mbeki. The President added that he joins President al-Bashir’s call for all Sudanese to support his efforts to reach a political agreement that realizes peace for all and upholds the principle of citizenship, as a base for equal rights and responsibilities for the entire people of Sudan. The President expressed Egypt’s readiness to back all efforts that support all Sudanese to pursue this path.


Sisi participates in closing session of National Dialogue Conference in Sudan

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi arrived in Sudan’s Khartoum to participate in the closing session of the National Dialogue Conference on Monday, according to a statement from the Egyptian Presidential Office.

“The President’s participation comes in light of the distinct bonds as well as common history and destiny that both countries and their peoples share. This is in addition to the positive outcomes of the Egyptian -Sudanese Joint Committee that was recently held in Cairo at the presidential level and the signing of the comprehensive partnership agreement, which reflects a true will to promote cooperation,” the statement read.

President Sisi called upon all Sudanese political powers to “succeed the national dialogue, reiterated that Egypt is supporting his counterpart Omar Al-Bashir’s efforts to keep the stability in Sudan.

Five days ago, Al-Bashir has paid Egypt a two-day visit during which he signed a total of 15 cooperation agreements during bilateral business committee meetings.


Egyptian lawyer sues gov’t to shut down Shiite news websites

Controversial Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry filed two lawsuits before the Court of Cassation and the Supreme Constitutional Court, calling for shutting down all Shiite news websites in Egypt, Youm7 reported on Monday.

The lawsuits were filed against the Egyptian Cabinet, the Ministry of Interior, and the Shiite clergyman Ahmed Rasem who owns El-Nafis news website.

The lawyer said that the website “inciting violence against the Sunnis in Egypt and accuses the Phrophet Muhammad’s companions of plotting an assassination against the Prophet.”


Opening session of the Arab and African Parliaments kicks off in Sharm el Sheikh

Egyptian members of the House of Representatives and other Arab and African parliamentarians flocked to Sharm el Sheikh to participate in the opening session of the Arab and African Parliaments meetings on Monday, Youm7 reported.

The sessions will be chaired by the Egyptian Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal, African Parliament President Roger Nkodo Dang, and Arab Parliament Speaker Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Jarwan.


Egypt condemns ‘terrorist’ attack against Turkish military personnel

Egypt’s has condemned the attacks took place in Turkey’s Hakkari province on Sunday against military personnel in a checkpoint by Kurdish militants, claiming lives of a total of 17 people, Youm7 reported a statement from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid.

Egypt reiterated its situation against the terrorism and supported the Turkish people against such phenomena, Abu Zeid added.


Ethiopia blames foreign hands for stoking unrest

(Reuters) – Ethiopia on Monday that foreign elements were arming, training and financing groups that it blames for a wave of unrest in regions around Addis Ababa, where protesters have targeted factories and accused the government land grabs.

“There are countries which are directly involved in arming, financing and training these elements,” government spokesman Getachew Reda told a news conference after Sunday’s declaration of a state of emergency.

He named Eritrea, which has a long-running border dispute with Ethiopia, and Egypt, which is embroiled in a row with Addis Ababa over sharing Nile waters, as sources of backing for “armed gangs”. However, he said it could be elements who do not have formal government support acting rather than “state actors”.

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