UPDATE: Egypt’s local digest Oct. 12: Antiquities min. refers incident of holding trance music show near Karnak temple to prosecution
Aly & Fila's trance music show with Karnak temple facade in the background. Aly& Fila twitter account.


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Antiquities min. refers case of holding trance music show near Karnak temple to prosecution

Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anay referred to the administrative prosecution a case involves  holding a trance music party at the outer area of Karanak Temples, the antiquities ministry announced in a Wednesday statement.

The move comes “to find out all the circumstances and inspect any violations that could had happened and take the necessary legal steps to punish who could be involved,” the statement read.

Aly & Fila, Egyptian trance music due performed at the outer courtyard of Karnak Temples on Friday to commemorate the 450th episode of their radio show named Future Sound of Egypt. Photos of the show sparked an outrage in the social media websites under the pretext that such shows are not in accordance with Egypt’s moral and religious values.

Media reports also blamed antiquities ministry officials for approving said shows to take place within Egypt’s famous landmark.

Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Director General of Upper Egypt Antiquities asserted that the approval of such event was taken on mid March 2016; 4 months before Annay assumed office.

“The party was held at the front area of Karnak Temple, which is 200 meters far from the entrance to the temple and not inside the temple as claimed on social media and reported in newspapers,” said Abdel Aziz.

“The ministry has also surrounded the area where the ceremony was held with iron fence in order to prevent anyone that could leak inside the monument safe zoning,” said Abdel Azizi, adding that the party was held after the closing hours of the archaeological site.

In Addition, Abdel Azizi said, the Tourism and Antiquities Police in Luxor was present in the area around the Karnak temple along the ceremony and they checked all the invitees before entering the ceremony and all security measures were taken.

Aly & Fila are an Egyptian trance music duo made up of Aly El Sayed Amr Fathalah and Fadi Wassef Naguib. They host an Internet radio show called Future Sound of Egypt, and are the founders of the Armada label Future Sound of Egypt.


Egypt pardons 80 prisoners on 6 October War victory anniversary

Egypt Interior Ministry said it has pardoned 80 prisoners by a presidential decree marking the 43rd anniversary of the 6th of October victory, Youm7 reported Wednesday.

The ministry’s prison department also found conditional pardon is applied to a total of 91 inmates.

“This comes within the framework of the keenness of the Ministry of Interior to apply the human rights values,” the prison department said in a statement.

Egyptian presidents often offer pardons to prisoners in honor of religious and national holidays.


Supply police launch crackdown to control prices in Cairo markets

The Interior Ministry announced it launched a campaign in Cairo to control prices and counter all forms of commercial frauds, Youm7 reported.

Launched by the ministry’s General Directorate for Supply and Internal Trade, also known as the supply police, the campaign will focus on all kinds of on criminal business behavior, will tackle attempts to increase prices, particularly of basic and strategic commodities, and to detect the “greedy merchants” behind the price increases.

The campaign will involve field trips by Cairo governor and supply police to markets and factories to check whether prices are fixed.


Egypt suffers shortage in medicines of blood products due to dollar crisis

Egyptian companies of blood products suffer a shortage in medicines needed for blood transfusion and production, National Blood Transfusion Center chairperson Hala Adly told Youm7 on Tuesday.

She added that all Egyptian companies need a total f $90 million annually to buy the required medicines; however, there is a shortage due to dollar crisis Egypt witnesses.

She continued that the Central Bank of Egypt has been notified about the required amount of money to import the medicine. The CBE struggles to provide hard currency to other banks, so the importers find no dollar liquidity required to buy their raw materials.


Minister of Tourism participates in TTG Incontri Expo in Italy

Tourism Minister Yehia Rashad left the Cairo International Airport on Wednesday, heading to Italy to participate in TTG Incontri exhibition (an international tourism marketplace), which will kick off on Thursday and last for three days.


Suez’s Ataka power plant to re-operate after 5-year hiatus

After being developed and maintained, Suez’s Ataka power plant will re-operate with a capacity of 400 megawatt following a 5-year-hiatus, said Egyptian Electricity Holding Co. chairperson deputy Mahmoud al-Naqib told Youm7 on Wednesday.


3,000 schools suffer shortage in books

A total of 3,000 schools of the three educational levels suffer shortage in books, Youm7 reported on Wednesday, adding that Minister of Education El Hilali al-Sherbini had stated on Sept. 27 that the ministry has published only 91 percent of all educational books. Egypt has a total of 60,000 schools nationwide.


Over-weight patient calls for help to have treatment abroad

A family of a 36-year-old woman calls for help form President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to receive a medical treatment for the woman abroad as she suffers over-weight (500 kilograms) due to hormonal disorder, The woman’s sister Shimaa told On Egypt’s Air talk show on Tuesday evening.

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