Egypt’s politics digest Oct. 13: Saudi ambassador leaves Cairo to Riyadh after relations tensed; Egyptians call for protests on Nov. 11 against current regime
Saudi Ambassador to Cairo Ahmed Qattan

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Saudi ambassador leaves Cairo to Riyadh after relations tensed

Saudi ambassador to Cairo Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz Al-Qattan has left Egypt returning back home for three days during which he will review the Egyptian-Saudi relation development, particularly after the relations see a difference over Syria.

Officials at the Cairo International Airport told Youm7 that the ambassador travelled on board of Saudi airline’s flight #310 to Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia’s Aramco announced that it halted oil production supply to Egypt for October, after Egypt has voted for two resolution drafted by Russia and France on Syria, the matter bothered Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, the Cairo International Airport received two notification from Saudi Abarai about cancelling five flights from Jeddah and Ta’if due to the low number of passengers and the continuation of the Saudi-Led alliance forces’ shelling on Yemen’s Houthis, the shiite group backed by Iran.


Attorney General receives family petitions to release detained students pending probes

Egypt’s Attorney General Nabil Sadeq has received petitions from relatives of imprisoned students, who face accusations of inciting violence in universities over the past two years, to release them pending investigations in order to they could attend their education sessions, Youm7 reported on Thursday.

Hundreds of students were arrested over accusations of inciting violence, riots and burning state’s properties during protests following the dispersal of pro-Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins of Rabaa and Nahda squares. There is no official figure on who many students are being jailed.


Shoukry, Iraqi counterpart talk counter-terrorism efforts

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry made a phone call with his Iraq counterpart Ibrahim al-Jaafari, discussing the international counter-terrorism efforts on Tuesday evening, said Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid in a brief statement on Wednesday.

The both sides also tackled the mutual cooperation, according to the statement with going into further details.

In early July, Shoukry met Al-Jaafari for reviewing latest developments in regional and international issues of mutual interest. During the meeting, Shoukry congratulated Jaafari on the Iraqi security forces efforts to regain al Fallujah from the grip of Islamic States militants.


Egyptians call for protests on Nov. 11 against current regime

Social media users called on Egyptians to take into streets on Nov. 11 to protest the current regime, calling event as “The Revolution of the Poor”.

The Ministry of Education is in full cooperation with Ministry of Interior to secure all educational institutions in anticipation of any possible protests at that day, Youm7 reported an official at the Ministry of Education.

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