UPDATE: Egypt’s local digest Oct. 14: Egypt’s renowned poet Farouk Shousha dies at 80
Egyptian late poet Farouk Shousha. Youm7.


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Egypt’s renowned poet Farouk Shousha dies at 80

Renowned Egyptian poet Farouk Shousha died Friday at the age of 80, Youm7 reported.

Shousha won the state’s Nile Award for Literature in 2016, the State Encouragement award for poetry in 1986 and a State Appreciation award for literature in 1997.

He hosted the “Cultural Evening” T.V. program from 1977-2006 before he went on to work for the Arab Language Academy. He was born in 1936 in Egypt’s Delta city of Damietta.


ScanPyramids project committee convenes to review progress

Antiquities Minister Khaled al Annany met with the archaeological committee working on the ScanPyramids project to reviewe the latest findings from the mission, the antiquities ministry announced in a statement on Friday.

Launched by the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry in Oct., Scan Pyramids is a project to scan Egypt’s pyramids to better understand their architecture and interior design, using non-invasive radar.

During the meeting Dr. Hani Helal, ScanPyramids Coordinator explains in details the results that the mission achieved along the past year inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu and the Dahshur Bent Pyramid.

In December, a team of experts from Nagoya University, headed by Kunihiro Morishima, began radiography scanning survey at Egypt’s 4,400 year-old Bent Pyramid of the fourth Dynasty Pharaoh Snefru at Dahshour.

The project’s first phase started in Nov. with a thermal scanning carried out at the Great Pyramid at Giza. It indicated that some of the limestone blocks at the 4,400 year-old pyramid “were hotter than others,” former Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al Damaty said.

“The scan revealed the existence of several thermal anomalies that were observed on all monuments during the heating up or the cooling down phases,” according to Damaty.


Egypt’s inbound tourism rate drops by 45% in August 2016: CAPMAS

The number of tourist visited Egypt in August 2016 declined by 45 percent compared to the same month a year earlier, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS.)

In its monthly report for tourism statistics issued Thursday, CAPMAS indicated that 503,000 tourists had visited Egypt in August 2016, down from 915,200 in August 2015.

“Russia recorded the most country influenced the rate of the decrease in tourists with 55.2 percent, followed by the UK (15.9 percent), Germany (14 percent) and Italy (6.2 percent,” according to the report.

CAPMAS indicated the largest tourism groups in August 2016 came from Middle East, Western Europe and Eastern Europe regions respectively.

Egypt’s tourism sector, which represents 11 percent of the country’s GDP, has been suffering from ongoing shocks ever since the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Despite a few instances of apparent recovery, continuous instability, political turmoil and a lack of security have remained challenges to the sector.


Grand Egyptian Museum receives 362 artifacts of Tutankhamen, Ramses IX

The under-construction Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) received on Friday a total of 362 artifacts belonging to Pharaohs Tutankhamen and Ramesses IX, General Director of Restoration Department at the GEM Essa Zidan said on Friday.

“A specialized committee has been formed to examine and pack the objects as well as preparing a comprehensive report about the current status of each object,” Zidan said in a statement released by the Antiquities Ministry.

The artifacts will be renovated and prepared for display when the GEM is inaugurated, he said, adding that Tutankhamen treasures will be displayed  in a separate hall dedicated to the young pharaoh.

During the past few years, the GEM received thousands of artifacts from several museums and archaeological sites ahead of its inauguration scheduled for 2018.

Built over 120 acres of land, GEM is located 2 km southwest of the Giza Pyramids and was scheduled to be inaugurated in August 2015, but due to funding issues it has been delayed until August 2018.

The construction of the three-phase project, which includes the construction of the museum’s main building and implementation of the master plan, landscape parks and surrounding site infrastructure, began in March 2012. Two phases have currently been completed.


3rd child betrothral in Dakhalia triggers anger among rights groups

A child betrothral held in Dakahlia has triggered backlash among rights groups as the governorate sees its third similar incident this year.

Youssef Naser, 12yrs was engaged to be married to Reda Mohamed, 11yrs, and his cousin on Thursday in a huge party that included six belly dancers and a number of singers, according to Youm7.

Youssef’s father said that “movies and facebook have turned children into adults,” adding that both kids are in love with eachothers, “so why don’t we preserve their love since early age, make them grow together and be happy forever.”

In July, a report was filed about an incident of a betrothal of a 12 year old boy and a 10 year old girl in Maasarah Village in Dakahlia governorate, Mohamed Nazmy, director of general department of child helpline at the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, told Youm7.

According to figures by the Ministry of Population, 15 percent of marriages in Egypt are child marriages; UNICEF defines marriage under the age of 18 as child marriage.


GAFTA welcomes Egypt’s move to allow 0.05% ergot in imported wheat

Egyptian embassy in Rome received a message from the Jaine Chisholm Caunt, the director of The Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA,) where she welcomed Egypt’s decision to allow 0.05 percent pf ergot in imported wheat, Youm7 reported.

The international association includes 1,635 members of 94 countries worldwide, and aims to boost international trade in agricultural items.


Raging Tuk-Tuk driver bashes Egypt economy, video goes viral

CAIRO (AP) — A video of an enraged tuk-tuk driver unloading on the state of Egypt’s flagging economy went viral on Thursday, underlining growing popular discontent in the country over shortages of food staples and broader business malaise.

Filmed in the crowded lanes of a working class Cairo neighborhood, the video shows the driver, surrounded by crowds, slamming the government for spending money on pomp at recent state ceremonies while the poor suffer.

“You watch Egypt on television and it’s like Vienna, you go out on the street and it’s like Somalia’s cousin,” he says in the clip, originally aired on Wednesday night on the pro-government Al Hayat television channel.

By Thursday evening it had gained some 2.2 million views and 62,000 likes on one Facebook page, with thousands more added each hour to the criticism-heavy footage, rare to be broadcast on television.

In a sign of how sensitive the matter is, the network quickly pulled the video from its own media sites. Egypt has a long history of suppressing news that can be seen as damaging to its image, a trend that has intensified under the rule of President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.

El-Sissi, a former general and army chief, overthrew his elected but divisive Islamist predecessor in 2013, stamping out opposition and dissent with thousands jailed – but also promising stability and a better economy for all.

In more recent months, however, el-Sissi has urged belt-tightening in this country of over 90 million people, ahead of austerity measures, a currency devaluation and price hikes needed to obtain a crucial bailout by the International Monetary Fund.

The $12 billion bailout loan aimed at supporting the government’s reform package has yet to be finalized, but approval by the IMF’s board could come as early as next week if the conditions are met, hopefully paving the way for sustainable economic growth that generates jobs for the country’s surging population.

But for the unnamed driver of the motorized rickshaw, recent shortages of staples such as rice, sugar and oil – some due to a shortage of dollars in the country and the plunging black market value of the Egyptian pound – could be traced to the policies of Egypt’s uncontested leader.

“Before the president was elected we had enough sugar, coffee, and rice,” he said. “What happened?”


Cairo sees warm weather of 32°C Friday

Official forecasters expected a warm weather to prevail in Cairo Friday, with the temperaure recording highs of 32°C and lows of 22°C.

The temperature hits high in Upper Egypt governorates during the day hours, reaching 41°C in Aswan and 39°C in Luxor; it is expected to get colder at night.


German Youth delegation to visit Cairo for culture exchange

A German youth delegation is expected to visit Cairo during the period from Oct. 15 to 25 for culture and expertise exchange between professionals working in the field of social welfare, Youm7 reported.

The visit is part of a signed protocol between the Ministry of Social Solidairy and the Kreis Offenbach; a distrcit in Germany, aiming to share experiences on solving social problems of the young people.

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