UPDATE: Egypt’s local digest Oct. 19: Michael Bolton to perform in Cairo for the first time
Michael Bolton.


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Michael Bolton to perform in Cairo for the first time

Renowned singer-songwriter, Michael Bolton will hold his first ever concert in Egypt on Friday Oct.21, the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) announced.

TPA Chairman Hisham El Demery announced Bolton will take sightseeing to the city’s landmarks after the concert scheduled to be held at the Cairo International Fair Centre.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to show Bolton some of the unique culture of Egypt that is a must see for tourists all over the globe,” Demery said in a statement.

He said that Bolton will join a long list of major performers and entertainers coming to enjoy all that Egypt has to offer.


Egypt’s strategic wheat reserve enough for 5 months: minister

Egypt’s strategic wheat reserves are enough for the coming five months, Youm7 quoted Supply Minister Mohamed Ali Moselhy on Wednesday.

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has “secured $1.8 billion for a six-month strategic reserve of staple commodities such as cooking oil, sugar and rice,” Moselhy told reporters on Wednesday.

“The government will cooperate with the private sectors to seek a healthier way to store wheat,” he said.


Safaga maritime port to operate by end of October: minister

Transport Minister Galal al Saeed announced the inauguration of the Red Sea port of Safaga by mid the end of October after the completion of a 3-year development project, Youm7 reported Friday.

Located 40 kilometers south of Egypt’s resort city of Hurghada, the port, after increasing its capacity, will increase the commercial traffic in the Red Sea between Egypt and its neighbor countries,” said Saeed.

The project includes space for goods, a passenger terminal, an aluminum terminal, grain terminal, maritime pier, paths and gates in addition to multi-purpose terminal, he added.

The annual capacity of maritime terminal is estimated at 1.3 million passengers, 30,000 cars and 40,000 trucks, said Saeed, adding that the total capacity of trading after the development is 8.5 million tons.


Egypt thwarts attempt of smuggling 14 bushels dating back to Muhammad Ali Dynasty

Egyptian security authorities foiled an attempt of smuggling a total of 14 archeological bushels dating back to era of Muhammad Ali of Egypt, Youm7 reported officials at the Cairo International Airport on Wednesday.

The wooden bushels have been sealed by the seals of King Farouk I and King Farouk, said General Manger of the center of the archaeological units at the airport Hamdi Hamam, noting that the artifacts were heading to Qatar.

Egypt’s ancient sites have been targeted for thousands of years but the upheavals and the security lapse following the 2011 revolution have helped looters and tomb robbers target museums and several archaeological sites for treasures to sell on the black market.

Following the 2011 uprising, a third of Egypt’s archaeological sites “have been either looted, exposed to agricultural encroachments or illegal building or experienced illicit digging,” world-renowned Egyptologist Zahi Hawaas said in a statement earlier this year.

He called on the current Antiquities Ministry to push for harsher punishment on antiquities crimes by changing the crime description from misdemeanor to felony.


Conscript jailed for 4 days pending probes over killing policeman

A Security conscript has been detained for four days pending investigation over killing a policeman in the vicinity of the British embassy in Cairo, Youm7 reported on Wednesday.

The killed person has threatened the conscript that he would face punishment if the conscript took a vacation; the disputes escalated after the policeman insulted the conscript.

Initial investigation revealed that the conscript opened fire at the police car where the policeman was getting into, leaving him dead.


Protest against government dispersed in Port Said

Security forces have dispersed a protest staged by local residents to of Port Said governorate against increasing the arrears they should pay for receiving a government-built housing units.

A total of 19 protested have been arrested over accusation of blockading the road and stopping the ferry movement. The protest staged outside the city hall.


Number of Ukrainian tourists could record 310k in 2016: ambassador

It is excepted that a total of 310,000 Ukrainian tourists to visit Egypt this year, Egypt’s state -owned news agency MENA reported the Ukrainian ambassador to Cairo.

The same number of the tourist flow has been recorded for 2015, he added.

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