Egypt press review Oct. 23: Syria and Libya are on Sisi’s discussions table; Egypt’s Youth Conference kicks off in Sharm el-Sheikh
Press Review



* Is the government’s austerity real?


* Sinai general assassinated


* 20 year sentence confirmed to ex- President Mohamed Morsi.


* Musician Bolton in Egypt.


* Syria and Libya are on Sisi’s discussions table





* Sharm el-Sheikh prepares for Egypt’s Youth Conference.


* Police hospitals to be opened for free of charge medical examination


* Public transport bus crash kills 9 and injures 6


* When will Lebanon have a president?



Akhbar al-Youm:


* More alertness in securing installations and citizens.


* Trump announces 100-day program ahead of elections.


* Amount of gold and spy drone seized at Cairo Airport.


* Citizen killed after shell hit his home in Rafah, North Sinai.


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