Egypt’s local news digest Nov. 1: Egypt’s inbound tourism rate drops by 41% in September 2016- CAPMAS
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Egypt’s inbound tourism rate drops by 41% in September 2016: CAPMAS

The number of tourists visiting Egypt in September 2016 decreased by 41 percent compared to the same month last year, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS,) Egypt’s official statistical agency.

In its monthly report for tourism statistics issued on Tuesday, CAPMAS indicated that 473,000 tourists visited Egypt in September 2016, compared to 802,000 in the same period last year “due to the ongoing decline in the number of Russian tourists.”

On Oct. 31, a total of 224 people were killed on board of a Russian passenger plane crashed shortly after it took off from Sharm al-Sheikh Airport. A number of European countries responded by issuing travel bans to the resort town.


Tap water is drinkable, health official says after Nile River turns yellow due to flood turbidity

Water at the treatment stations in five governorates is safe and drinkable, Amr Qandil, head of Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health, told Youm7 on Tuesday.

Some Nile governoartes raised emergency case after turbidity due to floods has turned the water into yellow color.

The color of the Nile River has been changed into yellow, according to pictures taken by citizens from different parts in Cairo.

A picture was sent by a reader from Maadi district to Youm7 showed the color of the water pale yellow, claimed to be due to of the floods seen in Upper Egypt over the past few days.

The turbidity of the river has caused water outage in a number of Upper Egypt’s cities; the cut might last for two to three days.


Mild weather to prevail in Egypt Wednesday

Egyptian meteorologists expected that temperature would decrease on Wednesday and weather will turn mild over the northern cities of Egypt at the day, Youm7 reported on Tuesday.

Light rains would drop in the northern parts, said Egyptian Meteorology Authority (EMA) spokesperson Wahid Saudi on Monday.


Egypt arrests 76 unregistered migrants before entering to Libya

Egyptian security forces have arrested on a total of 76 unregistered migrants (including eight Sudanese) at Sallum road, before entering in the Libya territories, Youm7 reported on Tuesday.

Such arrests happen routinely at Egyptian borders, where security measures were intensified to curb the practice of illegal immigration. Border guards have also seized dozens of attempts to smuggle contraband and drugs.



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