UPDATE: Egypt’s local news digest Nov. 2: Antiquities min. inaugurates exhibit features artifacts unearthed at Ramesseum temple
Ramesseum temple. Youm7 archive.

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Antiquities min. inaugurates exhibit features artifacts unearthed at Ramesseum temple

Antiquities Minister Khaled Anani will open on Friday an exhibition in Luxor Museum displaying 22 artifacts discovered by the Egyptian-French archaeological mission during its work at the Ramesseum Temple.

The exhibit marks the 25th anniversary of excavation work carried out by the mission at Western Thebes. The exhibit also coincides with Luxor national day celebrations, which marks the 94th anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamen burial by Howard Carter in 1922.

The inauguration will be attended by the French Ambassador in Cairo, Luxor governor and Christian Leblanc, the director of the French Archaeological Mission of Western Thebes.


600 houses allocated for flood-stricken families in Ras Gharib: minister

Housing Minister Mostafa Madbouly announced the allocation of 600 housing units for the families affected by the torrential rains that hit Egypt’s city of Ras Gharib last week, Youm7 reported.

The units are part of the ministry’s social housing project and are ready to be delivered to affected families as of today, said Madbouly.

A parliamentary delegation headed by MP Mostafa Bakry had visited areas hit by the flood in Ras Gharib, 50 kilometres north of Hurghada to check damages days after severe rain led to floods that left at least 15 killed and 47 injured nationwide.


Ministry of Agriculture on alert nationwide in anticipation of possible floods

Egyptian Minister of Agriculture has announced that state of emergency nationwide to face the possible treats of the this winter floods, which hit several governorates in Egypt, stated Minister of Agriculture Essam Fayed in a statement on Wednesday.

He added that a committee from the ministry has been formed to receive the people’s complaints, noting that there was cooperation between the ministry and other concerned bodies.

Past week, heavy rains showered several parts in Egypt, particularly in Red Sea, leading to floods that killed 27 people and injured 73 others.


4-year-old girl found killed in Upper Egypt

A four-year-old child was found killed and thrown a garbage tin two days after being reportedly missing in Upper Egypt’s Minya, Ahram said on Wednesday.

The girl was slaughtered and left in an abandoned house; she was kidnapped while she was buying thing from a supermarket, he father said, adding that a failed attempt of kidnapping took place a week earlier.


SCA sends medical, food relief flood-stricken city in Red Sea

Suez Canal Authority (SCA) Chairperson Mohab Mamish has ordered to send a medical and food relief convoy to Red Sea’s Ras Gharib city which has been stricken by the rainfall floods, Ahram reported.

The Ministry of Health has stated that building temporary shelters and tents for citizens whose homes were damaged by the rains.


400 Chinese tourists arrive in Egypt on Wednesday

A 400-tourist group from China arrived in the Cairo International Airport on Wednesday to visit the Egyptian archeological sites for a week, an official at the airport told Ahram newspaper.

He added that the group came on board of four flights; the security forces have ended their arrival procedures.


Egypt sees notable decrease in temperature

Egypt saw a notable decrease in the temperature on Wednesday as Cairo sees 23⁰ C; Egyptian meteorologists expected that temperature would decrease on Wednesday and weather will turn mild over the northern cities of Egypt at the day, Youm7 reported on Tuesday.

Light rains would drop in the northern parts, said Egyptian Meteorology Authority (EMA) spokesperson Wahid Saudi on Monday.

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