Egyptian intellectuals condemn terrorism, say Brotherhood is only beneficiary

CAIRO: Many Egyptian intellectual figures have condemned the assassination attempt againstInterior Minister Maj. Gen. Mohamed Ibrahim this morning.

Novelist Sonaa Allah Ibrahim said the attempt was an “awful crime by all means”.

Ibrahim, in an exclusive statement to Youm7, condemned the incident, which he said reminded him of “the great fear” from the Muslim Brotherhood when he was young in 1948 as the group was putting bombs everywhere.

Ibrahim said the Brotherhood is pursuing the assassination policy.

Literary critic Salah Fadl said such behavior is “immoral” and if connections are proven between the Brotherhood and the attempt, the group will lose all the sympathy it has gained after its past trials.

Poet Ahmed Abdelmoaty Hegzay stressed that this assassination attempt was not the first in the history of the Brotherhood. He said there has been a long series, beginning with the assassination of Elnoqrashy and the assassination attempt of Gamal Abdel Naser, and the series of assassinations which targeted tourists and intellectuals in Egypt.

Translated from Youm7.

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