Egypt’s local news digest Nov. 21: Egyptian council of Church will not intervene into death of fish vendor case
Magdy Makeen who was allegedly tortured to death at Al Ameryah police station. Youm7.

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Egyptian Council of Churches will not intervene into death of fish vendor case

The Egyptian council of Church (ECC) announced that its members will not intervene into the case of the death of a Christian fish cart vendor, allegedly tortured by the police, Youm7 reported ECC Secretary-General Refaat Fathy on Monday.

Magdy Makeen, an Egyptian street vendor was allegedly arrested, beaten, and tortured to death while detained at al Ameryah police station north of Cairo on Sunday, his lawyer Ali al Halawany said Thursday.

“Makeen is an Egyptian citizen and the state and prosecution bodies conduct the official investigations into his case,” he added.

“The forensic report proves there were clear signs of torture on Makeen’s body,” Halawany was quoted by Youm7.


Jordanian Minister of Tourism tours Cairo’s ancient churches monasteries

Jordanian Minister of Tourism Lina Annab will do a tour of Cairo’s ancient churches and monasteries, on the sidelines of her visit to Egypt for boosting the bilateral relations on Monday, Youm7 reported.

Annab will meet with her Egyptian Counterpart Yehia Rashed to enhance the relations in light of the activating the 17 cooperation agreements signed between both sides several years ago.


Egypt’s 1st charter flight from Japan arrives in Luxor

After 5-year hiatus, the first Egyptian charter flight from Japan arrived in the Luxor International Airport on Sunday, carrying a total of 230 Japanese tourists, Youm7 reported.

It is scheduled that the company will operate a total of 24 flights, on board of EgyptAi’s B777; the company organized to operate one flight on only Sundays.


Nubian people protest against sale of piece of land in Toshka

A number of Nubian people protested in Upper Egypt’s Aswan in the second day on a raw against auctioning a piece of land in Toshka for non-Nubian investors on Sunday, Youm7 reported.

The Nubian protesters blocked Aswan- Abu Simbel highway on Sunday after the authorities refused to allow them to go to Toshka to protest against the sale of the piece of land.


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