Update – Egypt’s local news digest Nov. 23: E-census debut in Egypt; police seize smuggled 15K butane gas cylinders
An aerial view of Cairo's traffic and houses is pictured through the window of an airplane today. Egypt's population reached 85 million according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics. (Archived)

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Attempt to smuggle 15K butane gas cylinders to black markets thwarted

Supply police thwarted an attempt to smuggle more than 15 thousand butane gas cylinders and over 13 thousand litres of petrol and diesel to black markets, Youm7 reported.

The campaign has also seized around 15, 500 tons of sugar and 150,500 tons of rice.

Such crackdowns have been frequent in the past weeks as the citizens are complaining of shortage of basic commodities.


E-census population data collection debut in Egypt

Census population data collection for the year 2016 will be carried out electronically for the first time, Youm7 quoted the chairman of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics.

Maj. Gen. Abu Bakr el-Gendy said that 45 thousand researchers across governorates will calculate the census population using tablets.

The upgrading aims to reduce expenditures and avoid errors as e-devices will provide more accurate results.


Residents close school due to shortage in teachers’ number in Kafr el Sheikh

Local residents in a village in Delta governorate of Kafr el Sheikh closed a primary school in a protest against shortage in the number of teachers, Youm7 reported.

The residents mobbed outside Al-Aiashi al-Gharbi school and forced their sons to get out of it. However, Ministry of Education office in the governorate deputy Salah Othman denied shortage in the teacher number, saying that only English-language teacher is on a vacation and there was no an alternative.


Abu Dhabi Islamic Egypt CEO Nevine Lotfy stabbed to death: probe

Initial investigations into the death of Abu Dhabi Islamic Egypt CEO Nevine Lotfy revealed that She was stabbed by a knife six times in neck and back, Youm7 reported on Wednesday.

Lotfy was found dead at her bedroom in her villa in 6 October city, the investigation added, noting that “the killer infiltrated to her bedroom and stabbed.” It is suspected that the killer could know the victim and visited her villa previously or he may be got the villa keys from a close friend or relative. There were no signs of violence entrances of the villa.


Egyptian security forces arrest 28 unregistered emigrants before entering in Libya

Egyptian security forces thwarted an illegal migration attempt by a total of 28 emigrants, including a minor, in Marsa Matrouh city, before entering into the Libyan territories, Youm7 reported security officials on Wednesday.

Security forces at the Sallum border crossing, which is located in the north west of the country and neighbors oil-rich Libya, routinely thwarts similar attempts of illegal immigration, arresting hundreds; authorities estimate that twice as many make it through as are arrested.

Libya was one of the most-travelled to destinations for Egyptians prior to the security turmoil following the 2011 upheaval which resulted in hundreds of thousands of Egyptians fleeing the country. However, hundreds of people still cross illegally into Libya which is considered a migration route to Europe via the Mediterranean.


171-feddan land allocated to build Azhar Educational City in New Cairo

Minister of Housing Mostafa Madbouly approves the allocation of 171-feddan piece of land in New Cairo for establishing a complete Azhar educational city, Youm7 reported on Wednesday.

The city will include a complex for Azhar educational institutes, a university for international expatriate students, and a new headquarters for some faculties.

Per the contract between the Ministry and Al-Azahr Institute, the project will be carried out in a period of times should be exceed 10 years and the usage of sustainable energy systems should be applied.


Protesting Nubians end sit-in, waiting for meeting their demands  

Protesting Nubian people ended their sit-in in Aswan-Abu Simbel highway on Wednesday after the authorities refused to allow them to go to Toshka to protest against the sale of the piece of land.

The sit-in ended after their meeting with member of the House of Representative Mostafa Bakri who promised them to send their demands to the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said on Tuesday that the Nubian people have the right of priority to own lands in their homeland Toshka, Youm7 reported.

The government “will give absolute priority to Nuba people in area of Forkund village land of Toshka, which is a piece of land offered for sale by the government to the investors for cultivating in light of the national project of reclaiming 1.5 million feddan nationwide.

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